The Spec Says Glenn could start?

Why are they even thinking of starting Glenn? If we start Glenn we will lose game 1 for sure. The guy is finished and should only be considered as a backup. QP looked way better in pre-season then Glenn, QP is a better QB all around then Glenn.

Just read this...I dunno. I guess I wouldn't want Porter's confidence to get rattled in the pressure-cooker of an opener.

As a fan, though...I'd like to see Porter.

I don't care if they start Jesus. I just want to win and I'm more than willing to leave it in Coach B's more than capable hands to make that decision.

As for QP looking better than Glenn in pre-season, I don't know if I'd agree with that statement on the whole. I think Glenn looked great on Tuesday.

The problem with not starting Porter is that you once again are wlking away from your quarterback of the future for a possible immediate win. If Glen was to start and lose, then we have lost and managed to screw with the confidence of the kid we were hoping to develop. I would like to see Porter start and have Glen jump in, before the end of the second quarter, if Porter proves to be ineffective.

Steve Milton has no input on the decision the Tiger Cats make
as to which QB gets to start on Canada Day, TigerCatsRule.

Whatever the Tiger Cats do decide to do, in this article,
Steve lays out a lot of ramifications whoever they choose.

Read his excellent article.

Glenn the man for must-win Ticat opener

Porter No. 1 in waiting, but Glenn should start season

Steve Milton The Hamilton Spectator
(Jun 25, 2009)

I agree 100% with these thoughts. I love Porter but experience should start the season.

He'll be fine, any player who cant cope with pressure should hang it up like Chase Clement and go home to work a 9-5 job.

8) If you take the time to read the article, you would know why !!!!! :roll:

yeah if you read the article that steve milton writes it makes a lot of sense....i think Canada Day is really important for us..its a MUST MUST win...more so then any other teams home opener...

I want to see Kevin start. His timing is much better
and he is in better sync with the Offence right now

Kevin makes his 'reads' quicker, in other words,
if he sees his primary receiver is not open enough

he is able to scan through with his eyes
to his second and third receivers

Most QBs don't acquire this skill
until they are very experienced.

Quinton isn't there yet by a long shot
so he often holds the ball too long

before he let the pass go.

If if the team isn't putting first downs together,
most less experienced QBs press too hard

and throw into tight coverage
where the ball gets intercepted.

I think any talk of this particular game being "must-win" is silly. I do think it would be a good idea to start Glenn though. Glenn has first-hand experience working against pretty much every defensive scheme CFL coordinators have devised in the last 5 years. Going into a high pressure game with no film to prepare for this year's "real" Argo defense, I think going with the veteran guy makes sense.

My comments from another thread:


Why wait to start Porter?

Porter is the QB of this team and of the future.

Glenn will lead us to a .500 season. He may have 2 seasons like this left. I don't want this. I want to build a team that will be tops in the East for 5 straight years.

If that means Porter struggles but shows progress for a year, I am fine with that.

1 more season of junk is worth it for a 6 year run of good teams.

You aren't attracting free agents with Glenn as the QB. You attract free agents by having a team that could be good for a long period of time.

If Glenn starts it shows me that the Cats don't truly believe in QP. If that's the case, cut him now. I don't want Glenn to start for us or to constantly change the starter throughout the season. Let the kid learn to play.

The Argos aren't that great of a team. If this is a must win, then who does Porter start against? Winnipeg? There are at least 5 teams better than us to be perfectly honest.

This kid, QP, will only learn by playing. Sitting on the bench and being used like a yo-yo doesn't work. Ask Michael Bishop!

Milton is right on. Start Glenn for the opener and the BC game. Get Porter in the BC game in the second half if we are as far behind as I expect us to be to get some game experience. Then move Porter into the starting role after BC and see how that works out.
And yes, this is a must-win for the Cats. The die-hard fans on this forum might support the Cats no matter what, but the average fan won't and the Cats can't afford to lose any more supporters.
You go with experience and work in the rookie. Don't forget Porter only has a couple of CFL starts under his belt. He was brilliant in one game against montreal Got killed in BC and was ok in a few others, if I recall from last year.
He needs a little time to get grounded before he's a bonafide starter.

Even if this opening game is a must win game, what on earth makes Milton feel Glenn provides a better chance to do so? Opening game, week 9 or last game of the season I think the Cats will put in whomever they think gives them the best shot to win.....I just wonder why anybody feels that's Glenn.

IMO Glenn did nothing to show that he is clearly better than Porter - thus deservig to start. Glenn overthrew several receivers in the Argo game, made several bad out passes and didn't throw anything deep. If anything IMO he showed he is NOT ready to start a game.

Porter has some things to work on for sure. Porter needs to check down to secondary targets before starting to scramble. I saw him break the pocket a little early without taking a complete read a few times. I saw wide open receivers on the sidelines near the line of scrimage and Porter missed the read to see them and scrambled. It's a little thing that i'm sure he will work on.

I still think Porter has more of an upside than Glenn. I really hope that the Cats coaches are not thinking along the same lines as Milton. I will be really dissappointed if Glenn starts game one, I just don't think in this current training camp Glenn has shown any reason to start over Porter.

I'm willing to bet that if we start GLENN, by the time they bring in Porter, we will be down by 2 TD's
and Porter will be struggleing to catch up.

Give Porter a chance to hone his skills, Put him in first! Let him get a chance to win this
game without being behind by 2 TD 's when he first starts.

True, but with Glenn he is still average and he is not Calvillo when it comes to reading defences, last year he made a ton of mistakes by throwing bad passes with that 'quick release'.

Glenn will put together a so so game we all know that, with Porter the sky is the limit, he can make all the throws Glenn cannot, the play book opens up alot more, he can throw into tighter windows. His reads might be a tad slower but it's an area of his game that is improving and he also has Khari Jones to talk to inbetween series. The offence overal will be a lot more explosive and consistant with Porter imo

Funny I'm thinking the same if Porter is in. i think that's what happened in the preseason.

Agreed. You have to let this guy sink or swim by himself.

The issue I have is that if you start Glenn and you have problems with the oline are you going to pull Glenn even if it is not his fault?

This guy is our future. Let him grow and mature by having him play. If the staff believes in this guy, they will start him. Porter is the future, play him. Each game that he doesn't start, that 1 more game it will take him to be a good starter in this league. If it takes a full season for him to develop and you don't start him until week 3 or 4 or 5, those games will be made up the following year.

I want a good start just as anyone but if we can't beat the Argos, no matter who starts, we aren't going to be competitive with the BCs, Calgarys and Montreals of this league. This league has 4 or 5 (I am not sure how SSK will look this year) really good teams. If you can't beat the bums of the league, you are going to have a tough go being competitive with the big guys.

Drex there will not be a whole lot of plays to pick from in the first game. We need a QB that can go in and deliver the ball quick and who can read defences. I don't know why everyone is writing off Glenn. He was MVP or something wasn't he? what a year and a couple months ago???
The coaches thought Glenn should be the guy to face the wind in the first preseason game. In the second against the Argos he played with a lot of the rookies. Porter, on the other hand had the wind at his back in the first game and was surrounded by veterans in the second. It's clear the coaches are trying to build confidence in the kid. Why wreck it by throwing him out against the Argos in the first game of the year. Nurture him and he will be the future. Feed him to the defences and he will end up like Timmy Chang.

I'm ok with either Porter or Glenn starting, but I think Glenn just may be our best chance at winning right now.