The Spec - Hometown Embarrasment!

Received the Spec today to find that the TiCat/Argo games was relegated to the fourth page of the Sports section. This is suppose to be a home town newspaper covering local sporting events and we get the Blue Jays and other sporting news. Guess that the CFL is not a big thing in Hamilton anymore.


It got front page billing - A Special (Teams) Win.

It got page 4 in sports because the game was 2 days ago.

Any other ridiculous items to complain about?


The price of beer at the games is astronomical. How in the world do they expect to get a poor guy drunk at the game! Heck, the way the TiCats have played, one needs a drink to sooth the nerves! :lol:


Now this, we can agree on! :smiley:

8) I agree with you wholeheartedly, and this same complaint has been raised many, many times over the past few years.
  The answer is simply.  The Spec is owned by Torstar, so they will always put Toronto news first.

   You might just as well buy the Toronto Star.  It has as much news on the Argos in the Spec some days, as the TiCats 
    receive !!!

     Yep, the Cats shoved back to page 4 of the sports section after they beat the Argos.  
      Wonder if there is any coincidence there for that ???

A lot more CFL coverage in the Sun, if you want strictly Ticat news then just read

Guys, you're talking about coverage in a Monday newspaper for a Saturday game. By the time that paper went out, everyone who cared about what happened on Saturday night already knew. On Monday, the Jays game on Sunday was more newsworthy than the Ti-Cat game on Saturday. Besides, everything you read in the paper (or at least most of it) can be found online.

Agree, news in the news business in this day and age of the Internet and Twitterverse is like historical information from the time a game ends Saturday night to Monday morning. And The Spec really isn't a large enough newspaper to publish on Sundays.

I'm surprised as to how much coverage the Cats get in the Sun.

This is the newspaper that was mocking Bob Young and the TiCats organization during the "Great Stadium Debate", while it pushed its own editorial postion of West Harbour-only. That is when I stopped my subscription.

Dam editorials with people's own opinions ...

And here I thought it was OK to disagree with another person's opinion. Silly me, I guess.

People read the Spec???

Once my budgie died I had no more use for it.

8) Hmm, I recall that you had some derogatory comment about Toronto on the bottom of your posts a while ago.
 I guess that changes when the Jay are concerned ???

  You fully explained yourself with the comment, " the Jays game on Sunday was more newsworthy than the TiCat
   game on Saturday".

    Right !!  The Jays are more newsworthy in Hamilton than the TiCats are !!!   In that case you should be cheering for 
     the Argos also, and add the joke Raptors to that scenario also, and I bet anything, you're a leaf fan also !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Please Tipper, don't read much into a private business like a newspaper that is owned by a Toronto company. They have an agenda, it's to promote Toronto and people from outside Toronto going to Toronto. That being said, a lot of people from outside of Toronto in southern Ontario do go to Toronto in summer for Blue Jay games (why is beyond me in that stadium for baseball but that's another discussion).

So yes, the Blue Jays game is more newsworthy in Hamilton than the Cats game on a Saturday night, not because that IS the way it is or should be etc. whatever. But because the newspaper chooses in that way and that is their right, it's a private business, based out of Toronto. What do you expect? And the readers are there, obviously. It's just private business, private media business, you don't like it, don't buy this private newspaper because really that is what it is.

One thing the Raise the Hammer site has taught me, and Ryan McGreal himself, is that mainstream for profit media is exactly that, for profit media. I give the RTH'ers credit for talking about the issues they do in detail, Hamilton based issues, because often, no mainstream media would. Walkability, two way streets, older buildings etc. that is all good. Sure, they had a West Harbour Fred based agenda but that is ok, that is and was their right. They weren't promoting that for a profit, from what I can see (not that profit is a dirty word at all of course).

And while it pains me to say this, I see as many if not more license plates in Hamilton with Leafs insignia on it than TiCats. People can do what they want to do. I have a Ticats logo on my license plate but it doesn't mean others in Hamilton need to do the same.

Nice to see your reading comprehension skills are up to snuff. :roll:

The Tiger-Cat game was on a Saturday, the Jays game was on a Sunday, the paper came out on a Monday. What is news: the thing that happened on Sunday or the thing that happened on Saturday? People who wanted to read anything about the Tiger-Cats game could have done so on the Internet in the time between the game ending and Monday morning. Everything that was in the paper was on the Internet on Sunday. The same Internet you are using.

Yes, I did explain myself with that comment because a game on Sunday is more newsworthy than a game on Saturday. It’s not that the Jays are more newsworthy than the Tiger-Cats in Hamilton, it’s that the Jays played a day after the Tiger-Cats and the outcome of the CFL game was no longer news. Should the Tabbies be front page news every day or just two days after they played?

And for the record, I don’t watch hockey anymore. I did prior to the lockout and I did cheer for the Leafs. Though I fail to see how that has anything to do with the Jays or the Ti-Cats or the discussion at hand. But nice try to divert the actual discussion with your ad hominem attacks.

Stop complaining about the Spec. You could have the Toronto Star as your hometown paper. They are about as anti-CFL, anti-Argo as you could possibly imagine and have been for years.

An Argo-Cat fan

That's what I used to think - until I saw the Star's sunday sports section last week. Despite both the Jays and FC winning on the Saturday, and the Argo's loss - they gave 3/4 of the front page of the sports section to a huge colour photo of the Ticats/Argos's game!

Nice job from the Star then in that case. :thup:

I don't have a problem with the Monday Spectator having their coverage of a game from two days earlier on the inside pages. It was old news by then, that's where it belonged.

And yes, Caretaker Bob is right, the Toronto Star had lots of coverage of the game in their Sunday edition. It was still news on Sunday, and they covered it appropriately.

As for the Spec being an embarrassment, etc., I really don't think it's much different from other mid-size city papers. The London Free Press, K-W Record, Kingston Whig-Standard, or Windsor Star -- all mid-size city papers serving regional communities-- are more comparable than the Toronto ones. The Spec doesn't aspire to be in the same category as the big Toronto dailies, and it shouldn't.