The Solution !

Hamilton fans have been very disgruntled since the end of 2004 season. Dont blame yas either. Werent we happy in 2004? Made the playoffs, stadium was full, front office thought they had marketed everything right, merchandize was flying off the wall...... THEN....

CHRISTOPHER DEAN left to go south !!!

Changing the logo, uniforms, coaching staff, players... doesnt make a difference,,,, it was Chris leaving the front office that killed us !!

Of course this is only my opinion, but atleast I am not blaming the logo or uniform change....ha ha ha

Hey ,,,, atleast I thought of someone else to blame instead of cutting this person or firing this person.... ha ha ha

I do feel sorry for you the fans, it has been a long 4 years of disappointment.
I worked for the cats until 2006, and have seen alot of good and bad. now it is just bad.....HANG IN THERE CATS FANS !!!!!

I know you want to win, but atleast you have football to watch.... where I am there is no Football.