The solution with Lumsden

Sign him to a one year performance based contract something along the lines of this.
If he plays 6 games or less: CFL minimum
8 Games- 45, 000
12 games- 60, 000
15 games- 75, 000
18 games- 90, 000

That seems fair to me for a player who has potential but can't stay healthy.

Oh for crying out loud!!!! Sign the guy to a $200,000 contract and throw him the screen pass and dump offs in the 3rd and 4th quarters. We would have been at least 4 and 6 if Bellfool could have called those plays, instead of Printers dropping back and looking downfield too long, before he got sacked or run out of bounds. Lumsden can rip apart the league, but not with the dang play calling thus far. Danny Mac please redeem this franchise with some decent 3rd and 4th quarter play calling. Pay Lumsden the freakin' money and let's get on with it!!!

8) You must be joking. Lumsden is going to be asking for at least $90,000 as a starting figure, and going up from there, without any minimum games played involved !!
 I bet the Argos or Edm. will give it to him too  !!

Remember Taaffe indicating the play book was so complex? Danny Mack has the OC controls now and I expect to see the plays Taaffe could not undersatnd or even thing to adjust to make a resurface this weekend.

Most CFL GM Frown on these performance based contracts Agents Called them Escalators
The Reason is the Small CFL Cap of 4.5 Million
These can Really mess up your Cap Figures per year
With the CFL Now Taking away $ and Picks

Most CFL GM like Stright up deals with no Escalators

I agree with Tom. How the hell would you ever know when you are violating the cap, find out after you've done it? Tom makes sense to me. By the way to the fan that said-
90,000 - you are kidding, right??
Seems to me that he'll get alot more than that as a free agent.