The solution to football's concussion problem?

An interesting new approach to helmets:

Don't know if this is it, but helmet technology is likely going to be a HUGE part of the solution.

I sure hope it can help. Hate to see so many players ending up with brain issues.

With the new focus on it, there's a lot of room for technological improvements in helmets. They were designed for certain kinds of impacts and not others. Glad to see the shift. Hopefully it works as advertised, because that would literally save lives.

best solution, revert to flag football. I would still be entertained by it.

FYB, wouldn't it then be some form of basketball? :wink:

never felt like that when I played it :slight_smile:

I excelled at football more than any other sport. Basketball was my worst. Except when I stayed in my teams half of the court and intercepted long passes :lol:

CFL doesn't care that much about reducing concussions, hence they lengthened the convert last year to create more high-impact 2 point converts. Also, why not protect the pivot a bit...after he releases the ball, don't allow him to be wiped out. Sure, sometimes defensive players can't hold up, but when it's obvious they can (and its easy to tell) throw the flag. CFL: stop being hypocritical!

Wow Mark, someone saying the CFL should be throwing more flags! I think that's a first on this site. :slight_smile:

Ça va prendre un ensemble de mesures pour réduire les commotions au football. Les causes sont nombreuses et la seule modification de l'équipement ne suffira pas à les faire disparaître. Il faudra certainement un jour se pencher sur les techniques de placage à proscrire et insister sur l'enseignement de techniques moins susceptibles de provoquer ces commotions. Dans un sport de collision comme le football, ça deviendra un jour une remise en question inévitable.

Agree LeStaf that equipment changes, regardless of how positive these become to reduce concussions, will not completely eliminate concussions, many causes as you say in a sport like football or hockey for that matter. These are collision sports as they now exist, the nature of the games.