the Snow Storm From Hell

How is everyone doing with the storm.
Hard to think Football is only 3 Month away.

It doesn't seem to be as bad as advertised here. We had a power failure late yesterday, mind you, but we haven't had the high winds that they'd called for and it's been relatively warm.

For now.

On the Mountain its pretty bad. Very windy and snowing hard.

No let up here either (City of Vaughan).

My idea for weather, were I to be all-powerful, comes from my Mother, who is about to turn 82.

She dislikes extremes, so her favourite times of year are spring and autumn.

Her idea is as follows.

The leaves turn colour mid September, and stay on the trees in all their glory until December 23. On the morning of December 24 they all fall, you rake them up that day, a big snowstorm comes that evening so you have a white Christmas, and then spring starts on Boxing Day.

Sounds rather civilized to me…

Seems to be getting worse now......and they said the main event won't hit till late afternoon......well, it's just after 4 it looks like they are right....

Doing just fine. Beautiful clear sky. :thup:

Extremely heavy snow in Mount Hope now....and getting worse

I'm so done with snow. I wish the stupid winter would just go away. This had to be the year that we get more snow than we have in the last 10 years...

All that snow sure looks bad.i can watch it on my bell expressview.its actually quite cool here,15c,but sunny.hopefully it warms up. i feel bad,i havent got to enjoy a winter in 9 years. spending 4 months a year in florida really is getting hard to take...

Cancel that. It's blowing sideways now and the two times I've been out already were essentially a waste of time on my part.

I've got some work ahead of me tomorrow morning.

Thank you, plow man, for that four foot wall at the end of my driveway. That was just what I needed. Double birds to you for your generosity.

11 degrees and raining here...

There's nowhere left to put the snow :frowning:

Hate to rub it in guys but we here in Edmonton had 10 degrees and sunshine with no wind all day today.

Saw lots of motorcycles and joggers out on such a beautiful day.

Stay warm!!!

If that was the snow storm from hell, I’m not so worried about going there.

3 inches of really light fluffy stuff this afternoon, and another 2-3 inches tonight. A snowfall like this on Christmas eve would get people all warm and nostalgic.

I reckon it was worse elsewhere, but here in Aldershot, a postcard beautiful night.


Yes it was.

Phew...just came in from an hours shovelling. Drifts waist high in my driveway. The street is impassable. DVD movie time again today. C'moooon football season!

Came to work in waterdown at 03:30 No roads cleared out by fisherville .THE GREAT CANADIAN WINTER EH!

I was fortunate to make the best of a bad situation, and had a great time tobogganing with two princesses and their queen. :slight_smile:

Does your wife know about this? :lol:

Glad to see there's snow back home.

Nice and sunny here, with fresh oranges and lemons galore.