The sky isn't falling

Yes, we lost handily to the Lions on Saturday, but one game does not a season make. If nothing else, it will keep the players humble and striving to stay focussed.

I'm as big a fan as anyone, but really the sky did fall on Sat afternoon.

Focus. That's a term a lot of folks in football have thrown around this year for sure. A good team is able to stay focussed. The Riders haven't stayed focussed very much this year.

How the hell do you come out soooooo flat? A beautiful fall afternoon. A sold out and LOUD home crowd. 3 game winning streak. Biggest game of year, 4 point game vs team one up in the standings on you. Standing on the field with real world heros (Armed Forces tribute). There's even fricking Tudor jets doing fly-pasts to get you pumped up. HOW DO YOU NOT COME OUT FOCUSSED FOR THIS GAME???????

Unless you're really not a very good football team this year. Back to the drawing board.

[quote="dariderfan"]Yes, we lost handily to the Lions on Saturday, but one game does not a season make.

Yes but losing eight, at this point in the season, certainly doesn't help!

Granted. If we can lose eight, we can just as easy win 8. BC is on fire...on a 5 game streak. They too can happens to the best and to the worst.

You're right, it isn't falling. It is laying around on the ground busted up in chunks and pieces.

Now replace the general manager with someone who can put it back together.

I have to agree. A loss is one thing, but the club knew how big of a game this was and were crushed about as bad as possible. What positives do you take from that footage other than Milo's punting? They had pretty good pressure, at the expense of a gaping middle...a QB's ideal location!

BC has a great team right now, most suspected they would make a late charge. They had won what...4 straight...this was a horrid outing. I felt the team quit after that bad snap. The D was out for too much in the 1st quarter and got exhausted. I felt the Riders needed to come out strong, and the heat added to that urgency. Yes, they started alright, but they just got worse. I said it before...DD should have been pulled in the 1st Q. He was floating his passes. They either need a QB coach to hone in on that stuff and talk to him, or be prepared to pull him. about 6 passes in I KNEW there would be a pick-6 in that game, and won a beer over it.

That loss had to sting to the core. It would not be as crippling if they had won 2-3 games early instead of 1. I have not watched closely enough to see who was supposed to be covering over the middle/Simon, but that was a joke, and has been all year, and last. Anyone who watches footage knows where to through on the Riders. They either need to plant Butler in there on 2nd and long or drop a LB back.

They sky might not have fallen, but people are had to give serious attention to Chicken Little after that one!

Ok, I'll give you that BUT they need to win 6 in a row with a team that hasn't shown they can even win 5. I'd be willing to bet that even DD is shakin his head like he always does on the sideline when he's getting kicked around the field. Don't get me wrong, I'd loke nothing more than for them to make the play-offs but at some point reality has to kick in. I see them playing real well for the remainder of the season but coming up short.

Trolling?? Really!! Time to start visiting the Stamps site.

Its so dead in the stamps Forum, it would be great to have some visitors.

That was a tough loss to BC thats for sure. Calgary faced the same thing. it doesnt end a season, but it doesnt make the season any easier. It seems like BC was so bad in the early part of the season, there no decent scouting on them. They didnt do anythign right. So are you sposed to scout on what you think they were trying to do?

Lets no kid ourselves. this season isnt over for anyone just yet. Even Toronto plays hamilton, and if they win... all of a sudden they are only two wins behind hamilton. This could be a crazy finish for all 8 teams.


...also, I couldn't help myself with darider's comment, it was so out there

the idea its as easy to win as it is to lose... im not sold on it.


Gotta admit: that's the part I had trouble with. It is much easier to lose than to win. However, I do understand what I think he was trying to say, namely, that it can happen, it is possible.

I hope for a really good classic cfl game (with a Rider win, of course :stuck_out_tongue: ); none of this blowout stuff. That ain't good for the league.

The SKY has fallen. Season is over. No brain trust to right the ship. Next couple of years maybe very ugly. Until we get a combo HC/GM like Austin/Tillman, we will be the laughing stock of the west… again.

I agree!! Womack might be available. If he comes on board, Miller will not continue.

Get rid of them.... ALL OF THEM.... start anew and wait three years. It would be worth it. We had our chance, twice in a row.... that doesn't come around often.


To the original poster... Are your feet firmly planted on the ground or are you close to never never land? The sky fell a long time ago. Wake up and smell the roses.......