The Sky is not falling!

Cut it out with all the NFL CFL crap! I do not care what some moron in Toronto writes in the paper, and I have a feeling i'm not alone.

The best way to avoid all this NFL to Toronto the CFL is dying hype that seems to be building is to ignore it. If by chance somewhere down the road the NFL goes to Toronto... who cares?!

People everywhere aren't going to magically stop watching the CFL and stop attending the games because there's team in Toronto!

I can't believe this garbage, and it's taking over this forum, lets cut it out!

Can we please go like 3 days without a new NFL thread? (not counting this one! :wink: )

Move the Argo's to Saskatoon! - Problem solved

I think we need another thread about the negative Toronto media..... :twisted: :twisted:

It doesnt matter what the NFL does, I will still watch the CFL because its a better brand of football. It may not be perfect, but its more exciting than the NFL will ever hope to be. It doesnt matter what the losers in the Toronto media say- its what the fans think that counts. Those in the Toronto that regularly put down the CFL are preaching to the converted-- and no else is listening, save for berezin99, who seems to live in his own paranoid fantasy world.

All i'm trying to say is let them run their mouths, the numbers don't and won't lie when people still watch CFL football in droves and sell out the stadiums.

Let the closed minded people who believe doom and gloom stay in the dark, I won't miss em.

Nobody is listening Sambo? You've gotta get off the farm. This is THE story in this area.

Move Argos to Halifax or Quebec City- whichever city builds the stadium first.

And everybody everywhere else is laughing at your area.

Or move them to Saskatoon, we could call them:

The Saskatoon Roughriders :lol: :lol: :lol:

You misquoted me- other than the "I want the NFL" morons in Toronto making this a story-NOBODY ELSE IS LISTENING-- and your assumption that I am on a farm is stereotyping and highly offensive-- maybe you should come out west and see how it REALLY is here.

Geez, I thought you were posting on your laptop from your combine! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Exactly! A few misguided individuals in Toronto do not make decisions for the rest of Canada, and im pretty sure that people will still attend CFL games because it’s what we enjoy doing.

Toronto can get their NFL team for all I care, it’s not going to end the CFL.

Sadly, this is true. Its just not logical.

Hey; I have to agree with those rider posters. Ouch! We surely have had enough from those Toronto posts and the NFL. How about you posting it on your own site? Some seem to be in a rut. Just an idea.

Good call Dust...people if you wanna talk NFL, try their forums, Im sure your comments will be well veiwed and accepted there.....if you're scared for the CFL, stop it, because there is little to be scared about.