Its clear that we have been inconsistent all year, and so much talent has been wasted. Time to fire Marcel, bring in another equally mediocre coach who will be hailed as our savoir, watch him struggle and chop his head off as well.

At least, that's what seems to happen every time we do this.

Beast, that's a little unfair.We've improved alot from our 3-15 team but now we need to take steps to improve from a .500 team and part of that is improving our coaching staff and roster.

This is the quote of the year. We should ALL hang in there, but some of the eternal optimists on the forum are blind to the latter part of this very accurate quote.

No he didn't. Barrett didn't become Saskatchewan's head coach until 2000. He never got the Riders to a Grey Cup. The head coach in 1997 was Jim Daley. Barrett did, however, get the Riders to three West Finals.