The Ticats lose one game and the world is coming to an end ! My God ! It's only one game, sure it would have been nice if they showed up, but its One Game ! Its pretty funny when the Cats win everything is fine in Ticats land, boy, but when they lose THE SKY IS FALLING !!

If anything it's was the Fans who didn't show up, 23,268 is pathetic for a big game like that!! This Ticats deserve better than that!! What do you think when the players are coming out of the tunnel and they see all those empty seats ?? Brutal!!

To the so called fans who jump all over the Ticats when they lose, try to remain somewhat positive and don't get caught up in the emotion of one game. Being Negative and saying irrational comment does not help. This is the time when the team needs even more support !!!

Oskee Wee Wee !

No, it was not "just one game". It was by far the most important game of the season with serious playoff ramifications hanging in the balance.

Of course they deserve to criticized, you're deluded if you think otherwise.

And the fans need to see the team show up at gametime.

Everyone understands a loss, TC23. What they don't and shouldn't have to tolerate is a poor, uninspired performance in a game that even the players themselves were pointing to as important. The last home game provided a similar result.

If the players want the fans' support, then give them true and honest effort. Otherwise, allow the ticketbuyers to mail it in too!!

Fans are upset not so much by the loss, yet moreso the lack of effort and preparation for this paramount game.

If the Cats showed up and lost a close one but played with tenacity and aspiration, the fans would be satisfied.

I believe the blowout losses every couple weeks and increasingly capricious play are grating on steel city nerves and adding to the confusion of where this club is headed.

Of course this can all be remedied with a trip to the Grey Cup mind you... :slight_smile:

Stay Positive? That's what Leaf fans have been doing for nearly 5 decades, where has that gotten them?

If the team needs to be criticized it should be!

This team has won three Grey Cups in the past "40" Years! With mostly losing seasons in between if the fans are pissed they should be. Paying good money to watch that game last night the players and coaches should appologize to the fans for not being prepared for the most important game of the year.

I agree with habcat the team should appologize to the fans.Me and friends paid 58 bucks each to watch a critical home game become a depressing,sad event leaving us and thousands of fans upset.Even if the game was slightly close it would not have been that bad and the fact that the Cats only lost to Winnipeg because of a fumble 6 inches away from the goal line tells us that the planning is a problem not just some of the players like Glenn.

Oh well time to watch the Leafs again.

In a previous thread I disagreed with another poster who said that the fact any team can beat any other team on a given day means that the league itself is mired in mediocrity. I said it was a sign of parity.

After seeing last night’s debacle, I would like to change my opinion as the Cats seem absolutely covered and drenched in mediocrity for the last 3 years. One day they might make the switch to being a good team or even a great team, but I’m not holding my breath. (I don’t want to pass out :lol: ). I’ll continue to support the team through thick and thin. I just hope I don’t go completely bonkers in the interim.

:cry: :cry: :cry:

oh yeah? how's this for the sky is falling.According to Drew Edwards, it's likely Hage is out for the season.Things are all peachy keen in the hammer.

This is an unbelievable thread and is shocking to read. ONE game? One freakin game? What team have you been watching? When the cats lose the game it is an absolutely pathetic display with no entertainment value. That's happened how many times this year? After several horrible and mediocre years and shelling out thousands on tickets and merchandise. Every year it's the same disappointments. How else do you expect the fans to respond. The flame of eternal optimism has long been extinguished.

tc23 - A team that is well coached and prepared to play 60 minutes of football, shows up. It all starts at the top and filters down. Defence produces championships. What have you been watching for the past 5 years? Chicken Little is alive and well at IWS. I saw more passion from my grandsons pee wee football team this morning. Take a hard look at the team at the sidelines … there are too many I’s in the team. Coaching and leadership would correct this problem.

Marcel has never been more than a mediocrity as a CFL coach. In SSK, MTL, and HAM, he's been average at best. As HC, he doesn't have the acumen to be an effective supervisor of coordinators, particularly rookie coordinates who are still growing into their respective roles.

The Cats, unfortunately, have taken on the persona of their head coach. They can look absolutely dominant at times, and unbelievably poor at others, and have trouble establishing the consistency necessary to be a playoff contender. It's normal to see apathy from teams like Calgary and Montreal that have already been to the top. It's not normal to see it from a team that hasn't yet won a championship, in a crucial game against a division rival, playing in front of their own fans.

Nail meet head! :thup:

I say we go 3-1 in the final four games to put us at my pre-season prediction of a 10-8 season putting us over .500! Its'a absolutely possible.:rockin:

One game tc23?????
This team has been mediocre for the past 5 years ( and longer but I just wanted to pick an easy figure) !!!!
And that's despite changes in coaching, GM's and players.
We have some good players but we still do not have the right coaching staff. Just look around the CFL and see what is going on. Other than the Blue team, there has been vastly more improvement in the last few years than we have had. But even the Blue team plays with more fire than we do.
By all means hang in there.....but don't ignore the serious long term problems this team is facing.


Re the thread's title: the sky doesn't have to fall when one is five feet under, going on six. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


The cats have looked bad against the Bummers all season they have our OC and our QB's number. The Cats have made them look like the Packers all year. Our coaching needs work, the team looked unprepared as compared to the Peglets.

They have lost 7 games, in an ugly fashion. Time is running out

Marcel has now become the Danny Barrett of the 2000's (oh, wait, at least Danny took the Riders to the GC in 1997)

Marcel was on the densive during an interview with either Drew Edwards, Steve Milton or Scott Ridley. Marcel didn't like the word "INTENSITY." I beleive the interviewer made a valid point that clearly indicates the team have rarely shown any sign of matching an opponent intensity when the team needs to. If the other team is hitting hard, we should hit harder. This is all about who is bringing it on game day. I don't believe Marcel has every shown any sign of intensity during his tenure as HC. It's too late to change coaches and there is no logical reason why Marcel would be kept on. Knowing when to instill the fire in the belly and jack up your players is not his strong suit. Sadly enough it takes another teams player to smak talk one of our players on twitter to inspire the team. This is unacceptbale and something needs to change immediately. To Marcel and the rest of the's time to nut up or shut up.

Hi Wildcat:

I believe it was after the Edmonton game at home that Ted Michaels on CHML's 5th quarter asked Marcel about the team's lack of intensity and he responded that he did not like the word. I'm not sure if he has made a similar remark elsewhere.

Since Scott Mitchell has already given his approval of Marcel as the head coach recently, not so sure we'll get rid of him anytime soon or his brand of uninspired .500 football.