The "Skinny Canadian"

It's not just the number of downs. It's the whole game.

In the same way 9 ball and snooker are basically the same game, they are different for the size of the table and the styles needed to play each successfully.

Same with 3 down and 4 down football. 3 down is tuned to the bigger field and more open play. NFL - tuned to the smaller field and tighter play.

Watch what you like but I will be watching CFL because its exciting.


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What’s the obsession with all teams having to score 30 plus points a game to prove it’s entertaining football? I used to watch the occasional Arena league game and everyone just moved the ball up and down the field and score at will. Like an NBA or NHL all- star game, what is the purpose? I personally enjoy watching good defence, and having some suspense as to whether a team can score.

Biggest downfall of this league over the last 10 years in my opinion is the ridiculous amount of commercial breaks, and way extended command centre challenges. Cut both of these back and it will improve the flow of the game by leaps and bounds.

They have gone back to the ‘80 s no yards punting rules which will no doubt help with scoring. Changing the hash mark locations might also open up more offence. Let’s see how these things and others work before we bring in the sticks of dynamite.

We had high scoring games in the 80s and 90s with bad attendance, same issues with the younger generation losing interest. The NFL is successful with the NFL, but the World League crashed and burned. No guarantees in being NFL-Lite.


I think this is the biggest issue. The league enjoyed a recent high in interest about ten years ago. Then, they changed the rules on PI and challenges, which killed the flow.

These days people have a lot of other options to turn the channel to and the league has been giving viewers far too many lulls in play to prompt them to do so.

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I heartily concur. I don’t mean to be a prophet of doom, but our league is in deep dark dung. Here on the coast, nobody cares about the CFL, and I cringe at the thought of a half empty BC Place on Lions’ opening day. BC is most definitely “Seahawks Country”. Meanwhile, back east, both the Skydome and the Olympic Stadium lie fallow without football. And down at the Ex, the Argos are being outdrawn by Toronto FC. That’s right, soccer for the love of Christ! WTF?!? What about Ottawa? How long before yet another franchise goes tits up? I still can’t forgive them for losing my Rough Riders. All I’m saying is that our game needs a big ass tweak. Adapt or die. ~ bartokolo

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There's definitely work to be done. I'd rather the league emphasized what makes our game distinct and exciting, though.

Ottawa, so far, is hanging in there despite some terrible football the past couple of seasons. And the Lions' and Als new ownership are providing some optimism for turnaround at the gates there. The Argos, well . . . maybe gambling is going to help some?

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You know... 'folks'.

Like 'Folkswagon'. Das Auto. :grin:

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Can’t say as you have restored my faith, but here’s hoping. I just don’t see a viable league without rock solid franchises in Toronto and Vancouver. Well, maybe that’s the could be that Hope is what keeps the whole thing afloat. I did make a leap of faith, and grabbed up the Leos at 14 to 1 to win the Grey Cup.

Perhaps the CFL only exists because enough people believe in the myth of its viability.

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I'm not sure that viability is the myth. It seems to be just the opposite. We've been hearing for decades that the league is not viable, yet they've just signed a long-term CBA that will pay players more than ever before. We've just got a new well-heeled businessman to buy in with the Lions. The books of the teams that actually make them open for public consumption show the teams to be viable.

That's not to gloss over the big issues in the three largest markets. There are clearly issues that need to be addressed.



"the Argos are being outdrawn by Toronto FC. That’s right, soccer for the love of Christ! WTF?!?"

Well, let me think...

Canada qualifying for the World Cup will have had a knock-on effect - an international angle pro football doesn't have.

The chance to to qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League and potentially World Club Cup - an international club angle pro football doesn't have.

Beating the Americans in what is meant to be "their" league - an "our country is a better place than yours" angle, which to be fair, Canada largely does have...just generally not in sports.

Also, the "myth of its viability" point at the end of your post is something that I think really could apply to the Argos organisation, in that I wonder whether they simply dismissed the threat from NBA (It's only one team) and soccer (not really a "Canadian sport") and kept coasting along in a world where CFL was the biggest thing after hockey and crowds would keep coming no matter what - suddenly the Raptors are a major draw, soccer is booming and the Argo hierarchy either hasn't adapted or never even saw it coming.

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Promotion is the name of the game. Here in EE country they have just put up a few billboards every year for a few years and that was most of their marketing.

It's changed now. They are marketing everywhere in every media they can.


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I hate to wax nostalgic, but the Argos’ fanbase was borderline rabid once upon a time. The grandstand at the old CNE Stadium, and the crowd was boisterous, loud, and profane, and there was no mercy for Leo Cahill. Right after X-Ray McQuay fumbled the ball on the 12-yardline in the ’71 Grey Cup, the fans broke into a spontaneous chant of “Bye Bye Leo!” I just can’t stomach these modern day polite Argo fans. Think I’d rather get drunk and sing at a soccer match.

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Playing four down football would be the death of the CFL. I'd rather see the CFL become minor league with more teams across Canada than see it become NFL .02.


Right on Aerial, but your blessings don’t put bums in the seats. We need a full scale revival! Can any of you senile old farts recollect the days at Empire Stadium in a light drizzle looking out at the north shore mountains, with a Doctor Grabow pipe full of top notch red Lebanese hash, and a wineskin full of Grand Marnier. Praise be, let the spirits enter the body!


Bartokolo, I appreciate that you wish the CFL to succeed. Simply lamenting about how good it used to be is not conducive to promoting the league. Amalgamating with the NFL is not an option. We need to get more youth interested and more bums in the seats and eyes watching on the screens. I feel that we are moving in that direction but can do without all of the negativity. If you are not happy watching the product and feel that it is a dying league, you are free to stop participating and let those of us who still believe in the CFL enjoy it without being told how bad things are. You may say that I am just in denial. I believe the league has just survived a terrible couple of years and needs our support to grow. There are a lot of positives for this season.
1.) a full season
2.) a new long term CBA (maybe not perfect but there)
3.) fans I have spoken to are starting to get excited again.

Please enjoy the season and cheer for your team loud and long!


Did you just call me a senile old fart? I think you did. Good on ya actually, that's exactly what I am! But f.... that man, I'm still kickin' and rockin' and kickin' and rockin'... :rofl: And sometimes moaning and groaning as well come to think of it.
Hey Grand Marnier was beyond my price point way back, it was usually just a cheap bottle of wine to get the trick done.

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Narles - Sure hope you’re right. I don’t mean to piss in anybody’s Corn Flakes, but it’s best to get it all out on the table. Kick it around a bit.

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. ~ Bob Dylan

I don't think we could see the mountains from the Quarterback Club. That was a long time ago though. :thinking:

And Bob Dylan needs to use proper English when he tries to "sing"