The Single Point (Rouge)

I man the D can score singles by taken a guy down in the endzone, etc.

O by missed FGs, etc.

okay, that makes sense..... the way you had listed it I wasn't sure.

Gotta be honest Kanga, I like the 6 point touchdown, 1 pt kicked convert or 2 pt "run a play" convert. I think that if there's discussion that the kick is too automatic, move the kick back so it's a tougher kick, but I would miss the strategy of going for 2 points late in the game if you always just lined up for a 1 point action point.


I would too (miss it, that is), but I find the kick covert in the CFLto be embarrsing and boring since it’s so close, it’s even more embarresing when a team fuck s it up. :oops: I think the Action Point (weild name, I know) would make the league even more unique and better than the NFL than it is now.

For guys like your self, I propose that only the CFL chage to this and that the CIS and CJFL (which could try the Kick Convert for 30 yards as you said) reman the same.

It wouldn't hurt to try a CFL exhibution game under the AP. if the CFL does it, it should try it frist and not just throw it on people like the NHL did.

I would actually think if anyone was going to try it out, I'd say that the juniors or possibly the CIS should have a go at it first.... see how it works out.

Kinda like how the NHL tried out their ideas in the A first, so see what happened and how dumb it could possibly be.

or how great it could be. :smiley:

Well, if you do sent those recommendations to the league, and they implement them, good for you. I'd be surprised if they tried it, but hey, if that's what they decide they want to do, not much I could do about it. :slight_smile:

Yes, or how great it could be. :slight_smile:

It's never a bad idea to give something 'new' a try. unless it's something like murder...

That's true.... what could it hurt to try? again, unless it's something like murder.... :slight_smile: