The Single Point (Rouge)

Could you please help me understand the single a little better, because I can easily see a situation where you are rewarding a point for failure, and that is something I disagree with. I understand the CFL rule that a kick must be returned out of the end zone or a single point is awarded to the kicking team. I have no problem with that on a kickoff or a punt, but I do on a missed field goal. In the last minute of the game especially if one team is leading the other by a point and the team with the ball is driving toward their opponents goal line, but get stopped and lines up to kick a 35 yard field goal which if successful would win the game by 2 points. The idea here is to make the field goal and win the game in regulation time, not miss the field goal and have the ball be deep in the endzone where it might be run out but most likely not. This concedes a single point and ties the game, and in most cases send it into overtime. So for missing the field goal, the team making the attempt is rewarded with a single point which ties the game. It doesn't seem fair to me to reward failure.
I like the idea of the single point, just not on missed field goals. In the NFL, it wouldn't be practical to have the single, since the endzone is only 10 yards deep, not the 25 yards the CFL has. Plus on any missed field goal, the ball is brought out to the line of scrimage where the snap for the field goal occurred and the other team now has the ball.
i like to hear your thoughts on this subject.

You can look at it as rewarding failure but that is not the case.
Well actually if is rewarded for failure but not failure on my part as the kicker but on your part as the receiving team.

You failed to get the ball out of the end zone there I get a point. Furthermore if you were to run the ball all the way and end up scoring a TD I would not get a point therefor it really has nothing to do with the field goal as opposed to whether or not the Ball is in the end zone.

I love the single. It add a lot of excitement to the game. For example you are up by 3 point and I miss. DO you give up the single reducing your lead to 2 but all owes you to scrimmage on your 35 but another field goal would win the game for me. Or, do you run it out and maybe get to the 5 which will hold on to your 3 point lead but give you terrible position? You might want to do that but if my defence holds you will now be punting 10 yards deep in your end zone and I would get the ball on your 40-45 which will will just about guarantee a filed goal tieing the game. Then again I might score a TD and win.

Do you see how much excitement this can bring to the game?

I could go on and on about this one but for me, but a single point, as it now stands, is not a reward for failure in any respect. Why? For one simple reason: the team is in a position to kick for a point and they should be rewarded. And why a single on a missed field goal? Because the team didn't do the easy thing and just punt the ball for a single, they took the riskier play of trying a field goal which can be more easily blocked. They should be rewarded for this. And it makes for an interesting decision on the part of the returners in the end zone, what should I do rather than the American game where if it is a missed field goal, everyone just walks off the field and the play is over, too boring.

...look at it as a partial reward for being able to move the ball against the defense downfield into a scoring position......

If you think about it, it's great! I mean, most missed kicks go wide anyway.

but it's only possible on the CFL field, not the NFL field, too short.

…the clarity of this statement is legendary…

It’s not a “reward” for missing a field goal - if the ball falls short or hits the upright, no points are rewarded.

The fact of the matter is if the ball is downed across the other team’s goal line, you get points - it makes perfect sense to me.

And if the defending team doesn’t want the kicking team to get a single if they miss the field goal, they should:

a) run or punt the ball out of their own end zone


b) not let the other team’s offense get close enough to kick the ball across your goal line

This exactly how I view it too. I also believe the single point encourages missed field goal returns, which can be one of the most exciting plays in football.

Of course you would like it roughy.Missed field goals that is!!!LOL

that was weak Saskargo, I have come to expect better bashing from you.

Yes, returns from missed field goals are exciting, but at the same time a game can be won with a missed field goal, all the kicker has to do is kick it as hard as he can. Imagine a Grey Cup being won with a missed field goal. If it was a shoot out with lots of scoring, there is 3 seconds left, the score is ties 35-35, they line up for a field goal for a win, and miss wide. But wait...... who cares, the game does not go into overtime, which would be great, it ends with a missed point attemp. That would be the worst ending in Grey Cup history. I like the uniquness of the CFL, but that is not a good rule. So, I do not know why the lions demoted Duncan O'Mahoney, since he still gets points for missing fireld goals. It does not make sense to me.

If a team doesn't want to give up a single point at the end of the game then they should stop them before they get inside the 40 yard line. Or they can block the attempt.

Or kick it out of the endzone.

Otherwise know as a Quick Punt, hehe :smiley:

Dude, that no boring at all, imagaine that beening a 50 or 40 yarder!!! even stoter, it makes no difference, that would be a cool ending in my opinion.

Kinda like 98% of putts left short don’t go in? :slight_smile:

I agree that it’s not rewarding failure, because you’re only getting a third of the points you were attempting to get… and if you’re close enough that the miss goes through the end zone, a punt would definitely have gone completely through, so you’re no better off.

Too follow up what monkey just said, there are three ways to score in the CFL on offense and defence. Like the olympics have three metals to win.


  1. 7 for a TD, 1 for a AP covert
  2. 3 for a FG
  3. 1 for a Single


  1. 7 for a TD (1 for AP Covert by O)
  2. 2 or a Safety
  3. 1 for a Single

so with your crazy action point rules, if the defence scores, that team doensn't get to attempt an action point? So a defensive touchdown is potentially less valuable than an offensive one? hmmmmmm, that makes me like the action point less if that's the case.

Only in your world

no the action point happens after a D TD, but the D doesn’t do it the O does.