The silent caretaker

I've noticed that Bob seems to be absent on this board after a loss. After the win over Winnepeg he was on bright and early the next morning. This is when he should be heard from,It's time to stop wanting to be everybodies friend and start taking a hard stance on this team. I do-not want to return to the days where I had a whole section to myself. You did not get where you are to-day Bob by hiding, time to do and say what needs to be said regardless of anyone's feelings. You can no longer want a 3 day cooling off period before posting, time is running out.

I hope he doesn't tell us to be happy again.

An Argo-Cat fan


“Happy” ended with the 2003 receivership, but I digress.

Bob is not in a position to slink around. We will read his wisdom soon enough on his timetable. Steve Milton seemed to hit it on the head today, so I am sated. :wink:

What's he going to say? Really? And would it fix anything right away? No.

Really, what do you expect the Undertaker - aka Caretaker - to say? This team is in a rebuild mode and there will be many more dismal losses.

There is a Paul Bearer voice in my head now. Merci! ROTFLMFAO :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

op, stfu loser.

I fully expect the Caretaker to post between now and Labour day, as soon as he senses that the fans have vented enough.

The caretaker has done everything possible to build up this franchise. He's hired the people to run the team and he's put his money on the line. We all hurt when we lose, the whole city does, and I'd bet the caretaker does too more than most. The boys he's counting on to run this team are the ones who should be taking the heat...not the caretaker.
Get with the program. This is basically Marcel's team.

I challenge anyone to name any other owner of any team in any north american pro sport that would be posting on the fan board now, or even ever.

Yeah, I really don't understand what more Bob is supposed to do. He's brought in good, experienced and proven people to run the team. He's opened up the cheque book enough over the years to bring in players when needed. I don't think this season's failure is Bob's fault, unlike in prior season's when I think he was partly to blame.

Mark Cuban, being a blogger extraordinaire. Apart from that, pretty much nada.

Oski Wee Wee,

What would you like him to say?

Would you feel vindicated if he sold the team?

Can you do better?

This is just a guess, but I would imagine that Bob is just as frustrated as the fans with the on field product and would like to see the team win more games. Getting in his grill on here isn't going to solve any on-field problems, and I doubt him posting on here will either.

Everyone please remind themselves....Bob Young is the best thing that has happened to this team in many, many years.
Its taking too long to get things straightened away on the field but I would suspect if he ever needs new management people there will be a line-up around the block. Good owners like him are hard to find in any sport.

This is a rebuilding year. A three- or four-win season is to be expected.

Problem is, 2004 should have been the rebuilding year.

The only significant blunder Robert Young has made was the hiring of Greg Marshall; because Marshall was eager to show that hiring a CIS guy wasn't a mistake, he was much more interested in getting as many wins as possible in '04 when he should have been phasing out some over-the-hill guys (we know who they were) and developing young talent for the future (like we are doing now).

Overall, Robert Young has been a solid owner (then again, the Cats have a .310 winning percentage in the Undertaker era).

Stop picking on Bob Young! He already admitted he knows nothing of football! Maybe some of the blame should be put on the people he hired!

Arguably, Hamilton would not have a team if not for BY. Huge points to him for that. On the other hand, if you're going to blame the Cats front office and coaching staff for some of the Cats' problems, he has to take some responsibility for hiring them. One does not necessarily exclude the other. Yes, he's the team's saviour and yes he's partly to blame for the sad state the team is in.

An Argo-Cat fan

Thanks for saving our beloved team Bob and Iam with you 100%. :slight_smile: :thup:

The owner provides the funds and expects the people he hires to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.
He's not getting the results WE the consumers expect and I hope that he expects better as well. This is a business, and the goodwill, solid reputation and customer loyalty that this brand has is diminishing rapidly.
Action is necessary to prevent further decay.