The Signed Jason Maas Plaques

I already posted about this and I think perhaps it is drifting somewhere in cyber space but if not and this is a repeat I apologize .

I arrived at the game tonight less that 15 minits after the gates opened tonight only to find all of the Jason Maas plaques at my gate were gone .

Ok I understand that there were only 1,000 of them and there are only so many at a gate but I feel that there should be a limit as to how many a family recieves . I saw one family with at least 5 of them . How many signed Jason Maas plaques can one family need ?

I have been a season ticket holder for going on 12 years and have stuck with this team through good and bad times and there have been a lot more bad than good years and I guess right now I feel pretty much let down .

I guess if I want a Corey Holmes one later in the season I had better be there WAY early .

Sorry if this sounds like sour grapes I guess just was a bad night at the ball park all around .


Sorry but 5 tickets = 5 people = 5 Plaques.

As for being there 15 minutes after they opened? it was way too late. At our gate there was a lineup to get in, and the people in line didnt even all get one. The boxes of plaques lasted about 1 minute at our gate.

Sorry but when they are only giving out 1000 plaques to 30,000 people, people just arent going to get them.

Sorry, if you wanted one, you needed to get there early. My husband and I were standing outside IWS 45 min before the gates opened. We'll be there at least that early for the Corey Holmes ones. When you know there is a limited number available, you have to put in the effort to get one.

heck i didnt even see one, bet they were cheezy anyway, just like the jerseys they wore. Wilson stadium here i come

as I walked around the stadium before the game I noticed at least 5 concession workers with plaques
personally I think that if you work there you should not be able to recieve the promotion items that are ment for the PAYING fans

Now THAT's a logical argument.

Nope, they should've had 30,000 plaques available. It costs a lot to make the 1st plaque. Anything after that and the price per plaque goes way, way down. On a night like last night when the home team "scores" 2 measly points, the fans deserved something to take away with them.

The guys in suits need to take Marketing 101.
An Argo fan

I showed up in line for a JM plaque and got one.

Perfect day for a ball game…


Just wait a year or so and we’ll be glad for these…OK don’t wait as in the team will gel kinda wait ,but these will be apreciated one day.

signed PLAGUE . I believe this occured when he signed his name on a Ticat contract !!!
Be thanful you didnt have to lug around this future dumpster momento . Jason was at the field early and took 6 plaques and hide them under his jersey , thus his passes were inaccurate !!!

Maybe writer's cramp accounts for all those wayward passes.

Next time...give out 10.

As usual I noticed some people with more then one plaque walking around.....And all I can say is "Thank God"!!!!. A Jason Mass plaque, no thanks!!!!!! Maybe if our QB wasnt so over-rated it would be a different story. If you are one of the people that did get one, how about hanging it over or in your trash can at home...seems like a perfect spot.

Alas I remember those days when practically everybody got something for free. Of course, that's because there were 12 000 people in the stadium.

I can never manage to get to the stadium any sooner than a half hour before kick-off (thanks Mum...haha), so all the freebies are gone :frowning: