the Siege...

the final whistle bellowed sending the Evil Empire into full retreat, thwarted by the forces of sweetness and light.

now it is our turn to unleash the might of our forces. Offence, Defence and Special Teams and the Mighty Ticat Nation.

by the Numbers (per CFL.Ca)

Total Offence (ypg)
2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 387.7 (up 2 spots. thank you Arhols for bending over)
6. Toronto Argonauts 340.3 (up one spot? somethings fishy)


  1. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 312.2 (awe yea! still number 1)
  2. Toronto Argonauts 273.2 (also up on spot)

7. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 75.5 (we gained almost a hole 5 yards a carry, Holley is the man!)
9. Toronto Argonauts 67.1 (no surprise they are still dead last.)

Total Defence (ypg)
4. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 344.9 (still at 4 but #1 in our hearts)
8. Toronto Argonauts 393.9 (down from #6 spot.. Zach is the man!)

6. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 267.0 (down 2 spots grrr. )
9. Toronto Argonauts 301.4 (still dead last. lets go 500 yards this time Zack Attack)

3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 77.9 (still 3rd?)
6. Toronto Argonauts 92.5 (still at 6)

anyhoo. we will win. book it Dano!