The Shove It Bowl

102 Days until The Shove It Bowl. The Ottawa REDBLACKS vs The Montreal Alouettes. The game before the Labour Day Weekend.

Is it called the shove it bowl because it is a rivalry that is being attempted to be forced upon people? Idunno, I don't get it.

[i]Most Alouette fans were not happy with Duron Carter shoving Campbell. Carter was sent packing before the end of the season.

The "shove" did not create a rivalry between the teams. The Alouettes' biggest rivals are those stinky Cats in Hamilton!

:cowboy: [/i]

I see. If it is called the shove it bowl because of a physical altercation, no matter how small, it is a pretty classless promotion IMO.

I thought it was named after Burris' "Shove It" remark ... 58 seconds in: ... tsn~925618

Nailed it !!! Complete with Trophy for the winning side 8) . Just waiting for my royalty cheque :smiley:


Yea, it’s all about marketing. People complain that CFL teams don’t market enough but this is kind of funny.
I’m sure Burris will be at the game. :thup:

Yeah, you do some fun marketing and people say this isn't needed. I don't get it either. :?

I don't see anything "fun" about promoting something around a physical altercation and poor sportsmanship, no matter how minor it is. I know it is not the influence I want on my kids when it comes to sport. Funny thing is that when the boy sees this I will now have to straight up ask him what he thinks of it and when he likely says it is funny and has watched the replay of that altercation, I now have to sit down and remind him that this is not something that you want to be crowned from. I don't want my kid seeing those actions as glorified not being desensitized to this type of conduct.

Yes. There is enough great things about this league that they don't need to glorify a negative. It's today's society but that doesn't mean it's right.

These marketing folk should stop being so lazy.

It's almost as puerile as the Cryin' Crosby masks that Columbus was going to do but wisely realized how ironic and stupid it was and didn't do it.

Somebody call the Whaaaambulance. It's funny.

I don't usually appreciate fighting in Football unless it's the Esks and Stamps on Labour Day. I remember when the teams would get into brawls... AJ Gass throwing the stamps olinemen helmet 40 yards after he grabbed his package. I always knew Calgary were full of those kinds of people... :wink:

Yeah and then get an Eskimo season ticket holder to make a ruling on it......LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

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I"m pretty sure this is just a fan-made promo, not something endorsed by the league. As such, I think it's pretty good.

I also don't think it'd be the greatest rivalry name and doubt it will stick . . . but then again I thought that about the Banjo Bowl too, so who knows.

Probably, and to be clear it's not like these things bother me, I just think they're stupid and as such am voicing my opinion on an opinion board. If others like it good for them, it's not like I'm trying to tell others how or what they should think. They can have at it.

Welcome to the Shove It Bowl.

The way I look at it, is 2 negative things ( Carter shove on Campbell / Burris rant ) and turned them into a positive.

Just have some fun with it.

BTW, I thought the Carter bump - Campbell event was :lol: :lol: :lol:

Player should never touch a coach. :thdn:

Yet the bump into would not have knocked down a 12 year old. Campbell went down like he got hit by a bus.
Then Carter claims he did not remember cause he got hit so hard.

Hilarious. I thank both of them .