The Short List

Taman has Ryan Dinwiddie, Ted White and Darnell Kennedy on his short list of back ups for KG......god help us.

why the **** would we want white?

all the QB's he named are crap the backups we have now are better than them

.....IF that's all we have to choose from...we may as well re-sign Khari....even in Jones' bad days he's better than any of the bums listed...Houston we have a problem....i think we're probably going to start Quinn...and if he starts 'poopin' the bed....throw in least he can run...and hopefully won't let a defender snatch the ball out of his hands and head for six...Glenn can't come back too soon as far as i'm concerned....and if he's going to be as fragile as Dave Dickenson....we better be looking for a Buck Pierce type qb. and get him signed...this team CANNOT be without a CREDIBLE back-up... :oops: :roll:

How about K. Jones? My husband and I talked to him at length at the Montreal game and he is ready to go. He looked terrific and his shoulder is totally healed now. We also have better protection for him than we did before. The Sun poll today is way over the top that Winnipeg wants him back.

He has to be better than our backups; and we owe him the chance to prove it.


KJ is done and is working for the CBC, his not coming back to play for WPG.

Rumour has it that Third & Ten will arrive in Winnipeg to drive Ted White to the Bomber Club house! :wink:

Seriously though. Even though you guys tarred and feathered Khari a few years ago, I'd sign him as a back up over Ted White.