The seldom used Ti-Cats celebration car had been found!!!

After becoming obsolete because it has never been used in a real long time, this car was found in the back of a scrap yard in Hamilton!

All in good fun, of course

I fail to see the humour. I think the Argo's TD golf cart is lame. Something you would see at a baseball game or something.

Of course, Hamilton fans never have any humour. I guess the losing seasons have cought up to you.


I thought it was funny.


I found it to be funny, too. lol.

Well I am happy that most of you have found it funny.

[sarcasm]I'm outraged!!! Only a fan of the blue team would stoop so low as to insult the Tiger-Cats, the city of Hamilton, the fans, Volkswagon, my cat, etc... I call on every ticat fan to boycott the blue team at the Rogers Centre, stop going to Toronto, and inform Tom Wright of your displeasure over this travesty![/sarcasm]

Actually, I thought it was clever.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Does anybody know what year and make that car guess would be a 1930 something Ford.

That was clever.

Funnier still would be putting it on eBay and watching the Argos overbid. :smiley:

Ty, you slay me. That was great :smiley: You never cease to amaze me :wink:

A '38 or '39 Plymouth is my guess. ( can't see the grill )

Actually I do find it funny but it seems that spelling hasn't CAUGHT up to you yet.


N2000 looks like you are right, there was a picture with this article and it looks like the Ticat celebration car--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1939 Plymouth Facts
Making '39 Plymouths
417,528 Plymouth vehicles were made in the 1939 model year. The Deluxe (P8) model far outsold the entry-level Road King (P7) model. Almost half of the Plymouths produced were 4-door sedans. There were 5,976 convertible coupes manufactured along with 387 4-door convertibles, 1,777 woody wagons and 1,850 limousines with a 20" stretch.

Here's a four-door sedan coming together at the body drop station. 1939 Plymouths had an 82 horsepower L-head six engine. Final inspection happens here. There are '39 Plymouths as far as the eye can see. Plymouth offered several different models including a business coupe, two-door sedan, four-door sedan, convertible coupe, convertible sedan, woody wagon, a panel delivery, pick-up truck -- even a limousine. Prices started at $645 for the stripped Road King model.

The copy in the 1939 Plymouth sales brochure says it all:

"You will marvel that a Low-Priced Car can give you the Extra Size and Room, the Sumptious Luxury of this new DeLuxe Plymouth ..."
"Extra inches of seat room, of head room, of leg room in the big, beautiful 1939 DeLuxe Plymouth mean restful relaxation in place of being cramped and crowded."

"And in the roomy new Plymouth interior, you find lavish provision for pleasing your sense of beauty and luxury."


After checking the internet some more I think this is a 39 Ford. Maybe it was made in Oakville.

Oh yeah...that's a 39 Plymouth for sure.