The Seinfeld Thread - A thread about nothing

Lets see if this catches on.

Post about anything you want, within forum rules, but do not say anything that directly relates to anything already posted.


Post 1 - Waiter, there is a duck in my soup.

Post 2 - I don’t care what you say, I wont live in a world without trees

Post 3 - Watched a tv show last night. Cant remember anything about it.

Wherever you go, well, there you are.

Who performs closer to their best present ability, day in and day out, a single football player or a married guy?

Remember back a while when some World Cup teams were ordering their players not to engage in s#$ the night before or morning of games?

what the most number of points you can get in a whole game of crib.



I’ve always wondered how much wood can a woodchuck chuck

VWhat’s the deal with football?

My mother was 4th gen Canadian on her fathers side, maybe more on her mothers. Her father’s line/name came from Ireland.

My father was 2nd gen English by way of Ceylon/Sri Lanka. His fathers line/name came from a small town in Holland whose name is part of my name.

Somehow my parents met, either here or there, and got married in England. Then, either my dad, or both of them, were in the British Royal Navy and got stationed at a Navy base outside Melbourne Australia. Then I was born in 55.

That is how I came to be sitting ground level at a Rugby game, orsome form of Aussie rules football with my parents. I was 3. My father was a trainer of some sort and there was an issue on the other side of the field and he went over. They were off the other side so play continued. Then I decided I wanted to be with my dad so I took off right across the field. Don’t know how far I got but when I looked up, there was all these giants and one of them was punting some kind of ball. I took off back to my mother faster than many people have ever run.

It was destiny that I would go on to play some kind of football. Also to run fast :slight_smile:

Did anyone notice that the fastest 100m ever was run by a man named BOLT?

It’s lojikk (pronounced lodge-ikk) time!

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.
I have never been hit by a wrench before.
I am an invincible dodgeball player.

Is the penalty for killing time a life sentence?

I love my wife.

best wife ever.

I got myself some pajamas with pockets in them. Which is great… because I used to have to hold stuff when I slept.

Lately I’ve been dating a homeless girl. It`s great, I can drop her off anywhere.

The Code of the Elves

  1. Treat every day like Christmas
  2. There’s room for everyone on the nice list
  3. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

In keeping with Rule#1, Merry Christmas everyone!

Trying is the first step on the road to failure.

between Prescription, over the counter meds, and vitamins, I take 42 pills a day.

I also do not eat more than about 20% of what I used to eat, even as much as 10 years ago.

I remember what a joke it was 55 years ago to tell each other that someday all we would need to do is take pills instead of eating. I am almost there

back in the day, I used to get told quite often that I owed other posters new keyboards. Been a long time now since last time. I really miss it…sniff

I made a mistake once