The secondary for Sat's. game

Here's hoping we go back with Beveridge at safety,Gordon and Anderson on the corners, Cody and Tiller at inside halfbacks. The only other change I'd consider would be to play Bradley over Gordon....that's if Bradley is ready. :cowboy:

does it really matter? Except for Cody, they are all gone by the end of the year.

You wanna rebuild the car you gotta get rid of the broken parts.

I like Beveridge. I think he is under-valued. He's a hard hitter, plays the game with enthusiasm, and has enough speed and skill to do the job effectively. I'd like to see him get more playing time. But making decisions like that is what coaches are for I guess.

I really think Cody has turned into the most over rated player in the CFL. He does not look good back there.

In order to be a hard hitter, as stated above, you first have to catch the guy. We do not have the quickness or speed back their anymore, as we are getting beaten badly in every game. I agree that we need a whole new group of DB's next year & I would start right now, since the season is already a disaster.

I'd say Anderson and Cody are the only starters who will be back next year.

I thought Gordon was a keeper too, but he has absolutely stunk in the past two games.

If the team is smart, they should bring in multiple NFL-cut DB's right now, and start rebuilding the secondary for next year.

By the way, wasn't our secondary supposed to be a strength this year because we signed DB Coach Gregg Butler away from the Bombers? A lot of good that did.

I agree that he's not as good as many think he is but I think it's because he's the best of a sad lot. He is a good player though and the only one who has a chance of still being with the team 2-3 years from now.

An Argo-Cat fan

I wouldn't say overrated. He earned his Eastern all-star nod last year.

Putting him at safety while Ed O'Neil is doing his handcuffed Marcel Marceau playcalling act is not a recipe for a new safety to adjust to things. Without coordination, you're asking too much of a rover unless his name is Garney Henley or Ronnie Lott, maybe. Not that a Garney couldn't make a play, but what about the guys he's teamed with when there's no play in?

Tay hasn't been as good on single-man coverage situations this year. Whether that is a lingering injury issue or that he's simply exposed more, it may actually help his career here to be a rover. I think his hitting ability alone makes it a worthwhile experiment.

Getting rid of EVERYONE sounds sexy It took Lewis Porter half a season to be converted from WR to CB and actually start gettting his legs under him in 1972. I think that Anderson and Tiller have a lot of promise, while Beveridge gives us depth at rover if not a potential fulltime starter of some of his technical issues can get sorted out.

Roberts and Gordon? The jury will be coming back sooner than later and the verdict will not be nice unless they don't pick it up, IMHO.

RKK? On the bubble. If he could play his way back to be safety and make some plays, I would be sold on him. He's hasn't inspired me as yet this year.

It does boil down to a combination of what athleticism and football aptitude is back there along with the coordination of that unit. Ed O'Neil? I want to finish this post, so I'll drop it. LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,

well they got this new kid from Edmonton for Auggie and a draft choice, so I assume he is going to start.

Or a lot of reps. If he plays well, Roberts ought to become very worried.

Oski Wee Wee,

The best two games the defense has played this year had Beveridge at safety. I can't understand why they dropped Beveridge and moved Cody to safety when the secondary was at last beginning to show some consistency.

Put Beveridge back in at safety and play Cody at half-back where he belongs.

The coaching on this team leaves me puzzled

I remember Louis Porter getting torched bad his first couple of games, so it does take time. I'm concerned about Anderson's lack of discipline. The penalties remind me of Cheatwood and have really hurt the team. Cody looked great last year and it doesn't seem likely that he all of a sudden forgot how to play. For me it all comes back to the coaching and the constant change. Its really hard to assess players. Roberts appears to have struggled, and Gordon always seems to be giving too big of a cushion, but maybe that's where he's been told to play. It's a mess.

You all are sleeping on Tiller. I don’t know why you all not saying he should be kept. Im telling you he is the bedt db they have. What other db has come in this year and made that many plays in their first game with the team.

You're right on re: with Beveridge at safety was the last time we've played well in the secondary.
I stated Tiller and Cody at the halfback spots with Gordon and Anderson at the corners should be the starters for Sat. game. I'd played Bradley for Gordon, if he's ready to go.

we cant put all the blame on ur secondary! be real! how many sacks do we have this year??????????????????? thats right.. the lowest.

we get no pressure, of course receivers are going to get open. if the D-line would fire off the line and put some fear into the QB's and toy with there head maby they'd throw into some double coverage or maby force and early throw letting our guys capitalize.

i personally think our DB's arent all that bad, young yes, but athletic enough to get it done if only they could get some support! our d-line needs to step it up.

like if we have a Great QB and well mediocre receivers who is he going to throw to?? same goes to the defence if we have good db's with no D-line to help.. how are they going to continue making play's after play's after play's, you can only take so much before u can't capitlize anymore. that and the offence only being on the feild again for short periods of time. once again our Defence is getting torched and people are going to be loosing there jobs due to other people mitakes! its not fair. we need to fix the real problem here in our D-line and out offensive game plane. THE COACHING REALLY NEEDS TO TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THIS AND FIX IT ASAP!

move jamaica jackson to DB, move to a 34 defense and get some attacking style defense

The talent might not be there in the backfield, but the fact that they are changing personnel every week doesn't help. A defensive backfield needs to play together for a while to get used to each other. Mind you it looked like I could get open on them in the Toronto game. Anderson needs to figure out how to keep his helmet on his head every play he's involved in it goes flying off.