the season will play out like this..check it out!

ok right now we are 0 and 4..right>??


and second of all....this team like charlie taaffe said...will be rebuilding right??


well so far we have played Toronto,Calgary, Montreal and B.C and winnipeg in the preseason but that dont really count in my books. The first two games we got killed. There were mistakes everywhere. When we played Montreal we were more competitive and actually lost by a pretty close margin. You can tell this team is getting better. The last game, with B.C everyone thought we were going to get killed by the 3-0 B.C but we stayed pretty close to them. The tiger cats made this game exciting to watch. Our offensive line was great with Dyakowski in the mix. Once we get Hudson back we will even be stronger. Maas will be our quarterback this year but you can be sure Chang will get time this year with the team to build himself up into a great quarterback. He needs time to adjust to the CFL..we cant just put him out there and try to win games for us.It takes more then one player to win us games.

I know its hard to watch ti cat fans but we are rebuilding. Noone said it was going to be easy. Look at the defence!! Arent they getting stronger and stronger all the time?? i think so. Our front 7 is strong. Our secondary is taking awhile but it will get there. By labour day and beyond I think were going to be the team to beat. it might be too late to make a huge difference and try to get to the playoffs but we will have something to look forward to next year.

But in order to get there, we need the fans to be at the games and support this rebuilding team. Give them the motivation and cheer them on and they will do it. The way we are this year is totally different then last year. There working for it this year. The penalties are hurting us but a lot of them are still learning the CFL game. Some players get a little anxious and try too hard and it gets us in trouble...but we will fix the penalty problem i know it. just have a little patience.



It takes more then one player to win us games.
Tell that to some of the jokers on these forums.

Agree with everything you write. :thup:

I agree 100%. with the exception of Maas being the starter. I don't believe he'll last the season

Good thread, oshawaguy.

Patience will be needed but there is also nothing wrong with Ticat fans wanting the team to win now. The next two games against Winnipeg are “must wins” to get the Ticats back into the playoff race. If they can win those two games and avoid costly penalties and injuries to key personnel along the way, the Ticats can make a legitimate run at a playoff spot.

i agree with the thought that the team actually is getting better but i don't think hudson is coming back but dyakowski was worth waiting for. maas should continue to progress, just like the rest of the team has progressed in the last 2 weeks. however, according to chang's nfl scouting report, which those scouts are usually pretty dead on with their assessments, it doesn't sound like his talents are limitless.he does not have the coaching here to help him improve on his mechanics.he will improve with time but i'm not sure he's can't miss guy everyone makes him out to be.

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...and if we are rebuilding, then keep the good players into 2008: we dont need to develop players and then lose them to the NFL or the Argos. Sign guys like Setta, Lumsden, and Moreno to longer deals.