The season that never started and the season that never ends

How could have it come to this,a promissing off season followed by a disasterous season,after labour day our season was over ,than we sign Printers and our ticat hearts beat lively pulses again.Guess what ? same result different Qb .This has to be the longest never ending season that l haver ever witnessed as a Ticat fan,l cannot watch these games anymore ,they are embarrassing to watch and they are embarrassing themselves as a team and players,this has to be the worst coaching staff EVER ASSEMBLED IN HAMILTON,and the timing could not have been worse !.How can you build on this for next year to sell tickets,my passion has died ,it will never be the same again for me.I will forever be a ticat fan but not a proud one and not a public one the wounds run to deep,apathy will take over in ticat nation,Bob Young Thank You,l know you tried your best and if it wasnt for you it would have been over years ago!!!!


Lots of us feel the same. I hope the team somehow turns this around next year. I guess it wasnt all jason maas after all this year, printers has done no better at all. I think printers is the answer in the long run, but lots of people blamed maas and after signing printers it is obvious that the problems run so far deeper than the qb position, I think its as low as it can get. Mistakes from the day bob took over, hiring a rookie gm and college a football owner he is learning the hard way.