The season ......or the future....

There were some positive things from last nights game. The defense is improving in some areas. Nick Setta especially, along with Jesse and Zeke Moreno, continue to impress. The play calling is still spotty but is starting to show some imagination.
But.....some of my thoughts and questions on where this team is right now:

  • Rob Hitchcock and Mike Morreale were released in the name of re-building. I went along with it at first but after game three of this season, is the offence better off without Mike? Is the defence better off without Rob? Is this team better off without both of them? Will the team be better off without them for the rest of the season? Was it still a good decision to let them go at this time?

  • Should we be concerned about discipline and coaching? How many more penalties will Dwight Anderson cause? Why is Brock Ralph dropping so many balls? Why is the defence dropping so many balls?Why is Corey Holmes still not being used to his full potential? Where are Bauman and Getzlaf? Could they do any worse? Then there's the Maas situation. I thought Charlie was a QB developer. West coast offence? Is this the time for it? Is the coaching staff stuck in a non-CFL, old school mindset?

  • What about the fans and this season? Will this team continue to lose using the excuse we are "re-building". Management told us the goal this season was to make the playoffs. We are now 0-3 and stand a good chance of being 0-4 after this coming weeks BC game. If management and the coaching staff were aware how bad things would be, the playoff prediction should have been canned and the fans should have been warned. If management thought we would have a competitive team before the season began, there has been a serious collective error in judgement based on what we have seen so far.

-Charlie wants us all to take "patience" pills. Maybe a barium enema is in order for management and staff so they can come clean with us and honestly re-assess what they have been doing so far and what needs to be done to become more competitive in this league.

Just my thoughts after week 3. They have been the same since Game 2 so I don't need a cooling off period :frowning: .

I think so. Morealle wouldn't make a difference, and Hitchcock's playing time was limited anyway. It will make a difference by allwoing young and up and coming Canadians to establish thmesleves.

- Should we be concerned about discipline and coaching?
Yeah, but it shuld be correctable. I'm still encouraged.
- What about the fans and this season?
I think we will improve. I think the chill pill advice is good. We still have 15 more games this season.

Capt Kirk:

Thanks for responding. I still remain a believer. I still think Charlie is the right man for the job. I just hope the problems we are dealing with at this stage can be corrected AND still allow time to make the playoffs. 

We gave the new regime a coronation when they arrived and some on this forum were predicting a Grey Cup this season. The reality is that starting from scratch as a team is a tough way to turn things around in a season. Past performance, training camps and pre-season games are a false indicator when it comes to the reality of regular season and more experienced opponents.
We are learning that the hard way.


I agree, Rob and Mike would make a difference. Their experience and mentoring would be very effective. Also we would have someone who can catch the ball over the middle an area that seems forgotten in this offence

As for the new Canadian receivers they are not even dressing. According to a recent Spec article our first round pick has to work on catching the ball, excellerating after the catch and running proper routes( his own words) Marcel says he is not built for special teams. Seems we are getting nothing out of this pick.

Marcel wants to make this his team but you can't start from scratch and as season ticket holders we need wins not promises for the future