The Search For Global Players

To all of those poo pooing Ambrosie for thinking globally, does it make any difference if the NFL is doing the same thing? And yes, I know, clean up your own house first.

“Through the event, we hope to discover new talent, create more global exposure of the game..." Sound familiar?


Its great to think globally, but the CFL is dealing with the NFL. If the CFL gets any kind of success, the NFL will simply step in throw some promotion dollars around and the CFL global initiative is dead.

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If we're very very stealthy we could show up alongside the NFL in Tottenham and open a 'second till' for the overflowing lineup of Global talent waiting to sign. :grin:


The NFL had a global initiative first. The CFL is following suit, though not in exactly the same way. IIRC, some of the players drafted this year were part of that NFL initiative in the past.


I can't disagree with that, although I liken it to US College players, the NFL has first choice. It would be the same way globally.

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The difference is that the NFL is not mandating these players on their teams. The NFL gets some exposure for their upcoming games in London. The chances of a player making a NFL team that has not gone to a high school in the US or through the NCAA system is nil

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