The scratching post problems

I keep getting an error message when I try to visit the site.
Is anyone else having trouble with it.

Yes. Myself as well.

Drew reported over the weekend & about an ago on Twitter that there were some domain/service provider problems.

Thanks for the info, might this be the end of his streak.

Just like the field goal streak what's his name had with Calgary. Does a "blocked kick" count as a miss? :wink:

Maybe The Spec has pulled the plug on Drew like they did before. :?

I was getting the same “domain not found” message yesterday but the site was still fine on Sunday night. I knew that this would be the place to check to find out if there was a general problem and not a problem with my computer! Thanks for the info.


I think this is an honourable and perfectly acceptable way for the streak to come to an end. Due to factors beyond Drew's control.

It was getting unmanageably long. The pressure to keep it going would be quite a burden, say, if you're on vacation (or at a good party) and you just don't feel like having to pull yourself away to make a blog post.

I've gotta admit though, there were times I've gone to the site in part to see if he's kept it going. I do think I will continue to visit for the content (assuming the site gets back up).

Does posting to a blog that doesn't work keep his streak going? On Twitter Drew tweeted this last night.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 22h Posting an update to a blog that doesn't work

It's up now.

Wed. Apr 23.....12:41pm......not up. Same domain error. Must be driving Drew nuts!!!! Should not be considered as an interruption to his streak. He would likely post if he could.

Likely an Argo fan causing the DOS attack that shut the site down :stuck_out_tongue: ,although I don't understand as is working. I thought the scratchingpost was hosted by
Very odd.

The streak is still alive. He kept posting even though nobody could read it. Way to gut it out Drew.... :thup: :slight_smile:

True football grit shown by Drew "Leatherhead" Edwards. Nothing stops him. :rockin: :rockin:

What exactly is this streak you referring to?

Every day after he posts, Drew takes a quick naked run through Gore Park. That's why he often delays his posts until the late evening, when the downtown crowds have thinned out. It's not so impressive in the summer, but definitely earns him some respect in the frozen winter months.

Hahahaha good one. :thup:

looks like its down again. :thdn:

I agree. I actually checked earlier today and did get on to the blog but it was not in it's usual format and of course there was no new post up yet. Just checked again now and got the error page. Not looking for anything to be fixed too quickly when it is the end of of a long weekend. :expressionless:

Tuesday, 6:50 a.m. It's working