The Score's NFL Special

So I was at the gym today, and went into the locker room for a shower (where else would I go, really?). Anyway, the TV in the room had its volume up, and the Score was doing some NFL pre-season report on players who had "Off-Field Issues" over the off-season. When I got out (say....8 or 9 minutes later), they were still going on it!!

And, after they reported on the players with 'disciplinary' problems, they moved onto the ones who had violated the substance abuse policy! There must have been 20-25 straight minutes of reporting on 'men behaving badly'.

So, I guess the lesson here is, get the CFLPA to invest in some guns, drugs and steroids, and we will be on the road to legitamacy......

(Wish I could have taped the segment to show to everyone out there who calls the CFL a joke!!!!!)

NFL=National Felons League
CFL = Clean Football League/Classy Football League

Kasps said the C stands for Crazy.

I think it’s a case of too much money and time on their hands.