The scores for all the regular season 1996 and 1997...

Can i have the scores of each team for all the regular season 1996 and 1997.
I have nothing for that i search! but nothing. the previous thread you opened on this subject a poster called iffypyros indicated he/she may have those iffypyros for that info...iffypyros also indicated that info may be available on wikipedia, no guarentee on that though...

I do have all the pre-season, regular season and playoff scores for 1996 and 1997 as well as the vast majority of attendence also. It's all hand recorded and will take me time to transfer it to you. PM me if you still need them. I too searched for a link to this information but had no luck.

Hi RedandWhite
I searched there also... There is much on the football but not on what i seek... Thank you for this suggestion 'RedandWhite' appreciate...Good luck for this website good evening...

I can post the 1996 and 1997 season here if you like Touchdown. I would post 1 season at a time as it will take me time to do this but I don't mind doing it. Also I can post the 1995 season as well if you need that?


Greeting from Packer land: I have a site which lists the CFL scores from 1996:

In some of the earlier years, I have actual game summaries, but the work takes time
For example:

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated -