The Score

I know this topic has little relevence, but it annoyed me none the less.

Last night while watching the score, across the banner headlines that scroll the bottom of the tv, it stated "Roughriders Reggie Hunt name defensive player of the week". I thought I misread it, but it popped up again in the loop.

As much as I wish it were true that the Reaper was still here, it bugs the crap out of me when stupid typos like that hit reputable sources like "The Score". Now if I were a Montreal Alouette fan, I would be up-freaking-set.

I feel better now that it's been said. :smiley:

I thought I read that the other day on the Score. I assumed he (Hunt) must have been traded back to Regina in a very quiet transaction.

That is a mistake that just should not happen.

Subtle mistakes are made often. I guess they miss Duane Forde more than they're letting on (living in the past!) :slight_smile: doubt! :lol: