The Score....week 7 power rankings (pretty bad)

This guy has the cats at the bottom :?

and edmonton in 5th :?

and the argos in 7th :?

well take a look for urself at this guys awful power rankings...well their not all that bad but Edmonton and Toronto and Hamilton are totally my opinion anyway

[url=] ... _ra_1.html[/url]

and yes that is me commenting at the bottom....feel free to leave one also...u dont have to sign up or anything

When did the Cats get that new receiver "Brett" Ralph.. .any relation to Brock??

lol ur right he did put brett ralph

there is a Brett Ralph on calgary....and he is Brocks brother

Charlie Taffee :roll:


Looks like we will need more than 1 win to get some respect. Not to worry, we play Edmonton, Montreal, and then Toronto (I think twice). Barring unforseen circumstance, like injuries and bad luck, we will have a chance to win in all of these games, even with most of these on the road. If we win our share, we will get the respect we deserve, and should no longer be ranked at or for that matter near the bottom.


yea those 3 games are very win-able

Edmonton has many injuries and is struggling

Montreal isnt really that good and we almost beat them in week 3 and we are much better now

Micheal Bishop should still be injured come labour day time

but i do think there is a chance of him being back by then...he should for sure be back the week after labour day....when we play in toronto

we will win in edmonton, jason always plays well there.

I honestly dont think the Dr. Ray will have much to dissect in our defense especially with McKay, Moreno, Armour & Cody

u wouldnt hapen to be ''d-rub'' would u?