The score of the grey cup

Well girls and boys!? You made it to the BIG game! WHat do YOU think the score will be

SSK 23
MTL 21

No, I believe that they'll win this year.

MTL 27
And we'll bring the Grey Cup home!!!

Als win by 14 to 17 points. It won't even be close. Als are Wayyyyyy to fast a team on defense for the Riders to deal with.

SSK 27

ALS 23

Wanna know why??

I think the Stamps said that they were too fast for us on defense too? Fast doesn't mean anything when Szarka is running you over.

Cool, use Szarka please !
27 points might be enough to beat Calgary Against Montreal that would not have won you any of the games this year. You guys want to talk trash you guys better be here after the game to take it. Or I'll get a subscription to your pay site and hound you guys all winter :slight_smile:

Slllllllllowwwwwww :slight_smile:

You are more than welcome to join Rider Nation. Like I said before, stats mean nothing. You were playing against a BC team that traveled 11,000 km in 8 days, and got beaten to a pulp in the Western division all year. Congrats, you beat the Argos 4 times. You can get your hero cookie at the game. The Als have not met adversity all year. It is is time

read the guidelines
No trash talking in team forums
Take it to the main forum

You know, the lions' fans were doing exactly what you are doing right now, and I'm sure they feel pretty dumb right now. I advise you stay humble, especially in another team's forum. Look around, you don't see Als fans bragging all over forums.

I don’t care what the final score is, as long as the Als finally bring the cup home!!!