The scoop on Rakeem Cato from Gridiron Guru

College is college and the pros are the pros.

It doesn't matter what your numbers were in college you have to Earn your respect in the Pros. Many guys have great college numbers and it's telling that there was no interest in Cato as a Pro.

I do like Cato as he has some intangibles that I feel translate well to the Cfl game. But at 176 I am pretty sure no one that size can take the hits that quarterbacks are taking these days. Guys are 220 like Reilly and Lulay can barely take the hits

There are lots of good law students that have top marks and graduate from law school. But until you go in the court room and start winning cases you are nothing in the legal profession.

The same applies to Cato here.

Has nothing to do with his ability and everything to do with his height and weight and these mean absolutely nothing in the CFL. When AC showed up in Vegas he was about 6 to 6,1" feet and 180 to 185. Henry Burris was a stick when he left Temple.
In fact AC and Burris had very similar build to Cato.

Ok, geez. I’ve been lurking these forums pretty much since Cato signed. Obviously I’m a Cato fan, but what I see going on here is disturbing.

First we have a couple of Cato fans, who are pretty much wearing the site out with Cato this and Cato that. That’s all fine and dandy but, good grief, it gets tiring after a while, especially when you are putting down the other QB’s in the same breath. He was a great college QB…no doubt about that…and I am rooting for him to get playing time and a chance to prove that he can be a great CFL QB…BUT…that is yet to be proven…I’ll be behind him 100%.

Then we have the offended CFL fanbase who are mad because it appears the Cato fans are trashing national players. So now we are getting posts on why some people think Cato is NOT a good QB, and some of the posts sound like they are just retaliation to the Cato/MU fan’s posts.

Do I think Cato is or can be the best option on this roster? Sure. But I’ve watched him his entire career. Bridge is an unknown to me. You can’t compare college stats because they were protected by different lines, threw to different receivers and played against different defenses/teams.

It would be nice if we can just all sit back, relax, and see how the QB situation plays out. I would, however, like to see both of them get a shot to see what they can do in a real game.

Honestly the forum conversation was much better before, so can we just take the praise/critical posts down a notch?

Just my 2 cents, and sorry for the rambling.

Let 'em play.

Good post. The ball doesn't lie. The best quarterback will win the contest.

Everyone has their opinion but let's allow the play on the field to do the talking.

I am cheering for both Cato and Bridge. I do feel the Als are in a good spot with Cato and Bridge. They should find a starter out if these two guys

I like Cato, have nothing against him. But he's a prospect right now, nothing more. College ball and the pros are two different animals and he will have to earn accolades in the CFL. Show me a pro QB who spends one month with a team and is handed the starter's job uncontested and I'll show you no pro team ever.

Right now as far as I’m concerned we have 3 young guys (I include Marsh) with tons of potential. Talent is not a problem, developing them…

My hero Stanley Jackson mentioned in the same sentence as the dreadful Ted White? Grrrrrrr. . . . . .

Your membership in the Stanley Jackson Fan Club is hereby irrevocably revoked.

Oops. . .I forgot. . . you have no membership to be revoked. I’m the only member. . .

I don’t know how many fans remember Jackie Parker. He was one of the great for Edmonton back in the 50’s and 60’s He was somewhat skinny but,had great ball handling and certainly could throw the football and, in that era he played defensive half also. I can’t give a resource but do recall an article that mentioned his weight around 160 lbs. Parker played for several successful seasons and, beat the ALS in two Grey Cup matches. Yes, he was slight but he was very successful in the CFL. Unlike the NFL who value the 6’4 230 lbs types, the size of the CFL QBs are usually smaller and faster. I believe both Cato and Bridge will, with time and reps, step up for the team in its present crisis.

Maybe its just me but I remember when I first started watching the CFL as a kid there were a lot of smaller faster QBs. They did not sit in the pocket and wait for it to collapse and get clobbered.
Watching the Riders game with Brett Smith reminded me of what Qbs used to do. They would roll out a lot more.
Sure it may cut the field in half but it is a big field. It also negates the big 300 pnd Dlineman who cant catch a fast and quick moving QB, especially rolling to the wide side.
If the QB is fast and quick like a flutie or Damion Allen, even going back further to a JC watts or the short life of Turner Gill among others they can break contanement of a DE.
This buts the LBs and DBs in a catch 22. is the QB going to take the edge and keep running or is he going to stop and pass once a DB commits himself to come up and stop the run.

Time will tell, I'll assume Bridge will start.. either he does well and stays or if he falters Cato gets a chance later in the game.
Calgary will be a stiff test regardless.

Bruno Heppell made a point the other day.. given how the Als have to suddenly rely on a bunch of rookie/inexperienced QB's, wouldn't you want them to spend every possible second with Calvillo right now?
Instead Calvillo is the receivers coach, a squad filled with vets like Green, Stamps, Lewis who don't exactly need that much coaching, one would think.

I hope that despite his official role Calvillo is indeed spending a lot of time with the QB's.. but the thought that he might not be because Schonert doesn't want Anthony encroaching on his turf irks me.

Any of you close enough to team to know what involvement if any Calvillo has with the QB's so far this year?

That bothered me also when AC mentioned Schonert wanted to handle the QBs himself. Sounded like he was a bit insecure. You can see that Willis allows Stewart to work with Sam.

At the training camp practice I attended I saw AC talking to the QBs, hard to know what that really meant. And he does have enough on his plate as a rookie receivers coach. Yeah theres Lewis, Stamps, Giguere, but theres also Hoffman, Davidson, Charette. And he himself is learning the technical parts of the position from Bolduc.

I`ve been negative towards Schonert, probably have to be fair and see how it plays out over the next few games.

I entirely agree with Heppell. Get AC in there as the QB coach and let Schonert work with the receivers. For God's sake, a crew consisting of Green, Stamps, Giguere, and Lewis doesn't need to be spoon-fed. Bolduc can do the technical stuff and Schonert did the job himself last year. Right now, there is no better person to work with our young, super-green QBs than Anthony Calvillo, pro football's all-time passing leader.

Ça ferait beaucoup de travail pour un seul gars, car on oublie que Calvillo travaille aussi avec Schonert sur le cahier de jeux. Au début du camp d'entraînement, Marsh m'a dit que Calvillo travaillait aussi avec les quarts mais il n'a pas épilogué dans quelle mesure il le faisait. Je ne sais pas si ça s'est poursuivi par la suite.

Pour ma part, je crois que Schonert est en train de se familiariser avec son poste et que ça va prendre quelques parties pour qu'il soit parfaitement à l'aise. Je crois qu'il est préférable qu'il soit aussi l'entraîneur des quarts, compte tenu qu'il implante un attaque qu'il dirige lui-même. C'est d'autant plus important qu'il n'a maintenant que des quarts recrues sous la main. Il peut mieux dire que Calvillo ce qu'il a lui-même en tête.

Je ne vois pas d'un mauvais oeil le fait que Calvillo commence dans le métier à une autre position, ni que Schonert, qui était un entraîneur de quarts-arrières, s'occupe des quarts-arrières. Qu'on le veuille ou non, aucune de nos recrues ne mènera l'équipe à une fiche gagnante. Ce serait déjà un exploit d'avoir une victoire ou deux de leur part dans les circonstances.

Sure is suspect to me.

Je comprends que personne ne peu mieux montrer aux jeunes sa vision du jeu que le coordonateur à l'attaque lui-même.. mais en même temps tel que tu dis il apprend lui-même son rôle et la ligue Canadienne, je n'aime pas la combinaison d'un coordonateur et ses quarts arrières qui sont en mode apprentissage en même temps.
C'est pourquoi je prône un rôle prononcé pour Calvillo et ce dès maintenant.. que l'on laisse les receveurs à autrui si ceci représenterait trop de charge sur Anthony.

J'aimais bien voir Garcia avec les quarts l'an dernier, un autre quart d'expérience. Les quarts sont la clé du succès de l'équipe, je ne vois aucune raison de pas investir toutes les ressources à notre disposition pour les encadrer.. et ceci est encore plus vrai dans le contexte actuel avec 2 quarts recrues.

Si j'avais plus confiance en Schonert peut être que je serais plus comfortable à laisser Calvillo faire ses classes tout doucement avec les receveurs.. mais ce n'est pas le cas.

C'est une vision qui se défend bien, il n'y a pas de doute.

Cela dit, nous n'avons aucune idée de la qualité de Calvillo comme entraîneur, sinon ce que Giguère en a dit durant le camp d'entraînement. Calvillo sera-t-il vraiment un bon entraîneur de quarts? Nous le croyons, mais en vérité, nous ne le savons pas.

L'autre point qui me titille, c'est la qualité du jeu de Bridge lors de la dernière partie. Ce gars n'avait eu AUCUNE séquence à l'entraînement et, sans briller, il a tout de même tenu son bout dans une partie où il n'était pas censé jouer. Je me dis que s'il a été capable de le faire, c'est qu'il a été bien entraîné. C'est pourquoi j'attendrais d'en voir plus avant de délester Schonert de son rôle d'entraîneur des quarts. Si Bridge livre la marchandise au-delà de nos espérances normales dans les circonstances, il faudra sans dooute donner le crédit à Schonert de l'avoir bien préparé et à Bridge d'avoir bien travaillé.

Totalement en accord avec toi,LeStaf. Seulement une partie a été jouée et, déjà, les plaines envers le coordonnateur à l'attaque et l'entraîneur-chef fusent de toutes parts. Attendons après plusieurs parties avant de les congédier ou les remplacer ou dire qu'ils sont pourris. Comme je l'ai écrit à quelques occasions, la raison majeure de la défaite lors de la première partie est/fut la très/très mauvaise prestation de Jonathan Crompton. Avec un quart moindrement bon. les Alouettes auraient gagné. Oui, ils auraient du courir plus et Hefney n'a pas aidé avec sa pénalité stupide, mais Crompton est l'artisan numéro 1 de cette défaite.

Alors qu'en début de saison je prévoyais une deuxième place aux Alouettes, les récentes blessures aux quarts me portent à croire que les Alouettes et le Rouge et Noir batailleront pour la quatrième place; à moins de belles surprises venant des jeunes quarts Bridge et Cato, je ne vois pas comment les Alouettes pourraient avoir une fiche gagnante en 2015.

Je garde espoir,particulièrement lorsque je réalise que d'autres équipes,particulièrement Saskatchewan et Edmonton ont également subi la perte de quart partant.-La saison de Durant est terminée et Reilly sera absent de 10 à 12 semaines. Espérons que la défensive sera exceptionnelle. J'ose espérer que les partisans demeureront fidèles dans ces moments difficiles.


Excellent point. Bridge did better than we had any right to expect from a 23-year-old rookie with 0 reps facing a very tough Mark Nelson defense. So hopefully we'll see the progression this week. If Bridge has a good game, I will gladly give credit to Schonert as a QB coach (even though Schonert the OC is also a work in progress). I think everyone is rooting for Schonert, Bridge, and Cato here.

[i]Timmy Catobooster! Come on! You are now comparing Flutie's college stats to Cato's and arguing Cato had better stats, so he will be a better CFL QB!!!!!! OJFG!

If that is how this works, let's get Tebow in here. Let's bring Troy Smith back… :roll: [/i]

[i]Oh, and Timmy Catobooster, next time instead of trying to convince us of Cato's super abilities with his college stats, just tell us how he kept Inspector Clouseau on his toes and sharp. Now that's impressive!!!!