The Schedule

Is it just me or is this years ti-cat game schedule terrable.It seems to me we are playing the same teams over and over.Couldnt the CFL have mixed it up a little bit.WE just played Montreal 2 weeks ago now were playing them again,and next week we play Calgary again. :thdn:

And the week after that we play Montreal again.

this has been discussed before, but yes, the schedule makes a pro league look anything but professional.

It's a patchwork schedule. Remember, one was made up and finalized about 2 weeks before the Renegades were suspended.

I think they want to create rivals, but its a littel over board to me

I think they should have just spread out(throughout the year) how often you play certain teams.

I dont like the 2 bye weeks in October. The team will need to be on a streak in August/September to recover from early losses, yet if there is a chance of getting to the playoffs, the 2 bye weeks will probably cool down any momentum.

And .. we fans only get to see them play twice in October !

I am getting married on one bye week, so that's OK with me. It's also advantageous for us because at that time, it allows them to heal their nagging injuries.