the schedule says so

if I read it right

no Thursday game this week. Gonna be a long toughweek waiting.

only one more Thursday night game.

first of 4 sunday games. Sask plays in first 3.

going to be a bigger adjustment for me than daylight savings

then again, time change really has no effect on me.

Indeed! Terrible thing to be sure. I'll be going through withdrawal between now and Friday.

We absolutely, positively need at least one more team in the CFL (and ideally three within a decade) at least so four days per week from Thursday to Sunday can include one game per week - and maybe two!

Because you are unemployed and live in a windowless basement?

(Not that there’s anything wrong with that)

Maybe he lives in Saskatchewan, or Arizona, or Hawaii. :wink:

I live in my own little world :slight_smile:

That makes two of us. :smiley:

The CFL Thursday night games have been bumped by the NFL, which takes precedence over the CFL despite the CFL on TSN ratings being higher than the combined NFL ratings on CTV/TSN Thursday's.

TSN probably insisted the CFL not schedule any Thursday games when the NFL has games that evening.

TSN is also probably pissed the CFL schedules games on Sunday during the NFL season, but the league has little choice as Montreal's stadium does not allow Fri/Sat CFL games during the university football season.

The CFL has a terrible schedule this Fall, with many Saturdays having 3 CFL games back-to-back. Who the heck can watch 9 hours of CFL football non-stop? Double-headers are tough enough to watch. CFL games are just too exciting to endure for 9 hours. The average CFL ratings will likely tank during those 9-hour marathons.

Raises Hand Me! I can watch 9 hours of football! Especially if it is actually good football. I actually record all the games (even the ones I attend live) and may watch them twice, before I delete them.

I love CFL football! My wife has even given up trying to complain about it, because it is the only sport I really get into.

So count me in for 9 hours a day!

P.S. Thanks Rpaege for the help with the cowboy!

Me too! My girlfriend just leaves me alone when there's a game on...even if it's for 9 hours.

I love the idea of 3 games on sat, but not a fan of 10 am games as I am usually still asleep.

Having to settle for considerably less exciting 4 down ball tonight. I feel a CFL binge coming on :smiley:

waiting for 3rd round of pre season myself.

A great weekend is one when the games are played in prime time in the East. This coming weekend, week eleven, three of four are east-friendly times. A treat will be Winnipeg at Calgary on Saturday afternoon. And like the late feature in a drive - in will be the Riders at Lions on Saturday night. Great weekend of television coming.

I know how you feel. I sometimes watch football until nearly 2 in the morning.

I can do 9 hours in a day, but not more than 2 or 3 times a season, and never two weekends in a row.

PVR. A very kind friend. 8)