The Schedule is out!

Looking at that hat, Mr. Ballard was WELL ahead of the flat-brimmed trucker-hat craze... lol

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:sunglasses: Yeah, his tenure is far from missed if you a loser leaf fan !! :roll_eyes:

But not as far as being the owner of the TiCats !! :star_struck:

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Sask Riders 1963 playoff record : West semi-final 2 game total points Nov 9 and Nov 11 Stamps 35 Riders 9 , Riders 39 Stamps 12 . Riders win 48 - 47 total points
West Final best 2 out of 3 Nov 16 , Nov 20 , and Nov 23 Lions 19 Riders 7 , Riders 13 Lions 8 , Lions 36 Riders 1
Lions win best 2 of 3 .
Grey Cup Nov 30 Lions 10 Tiger-Cats 21

Now that was a tough playoff schedule "Back in the Day!"

Pat Lynch (the elderly dude)


Having playoff games of a 2 or 3 game set could also help with selling more games and content to networks like TSN, Sportsnet, DAZN for example.

But for safety reasons, that will no longer be possible.

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What an interesting way to attempt to use our language , in order to communicate your thought . :crazy_face:

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Does anyone else share my suspicion that the absence of a WPG-OTT game in 2021 was some kind of oversight? As in, the league fully intended for every pair of teams to meet at least once, but then somehow this particular pairing got missed and no one noticed until after the schedule was published?

I can't imagine any other logical explanation, given that WPG plays TOR and MTL twice each. Also there is the compelling storyline of LaPolice and Nichols playing against their old team.