The Schedule is out!

Remember when the Western Conference Championship was best 2 of 3. That meant the two teams could play three times in seven days, Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday.


Without really doing a full analysis, my gut tells me Ticats just might have the easiest schedule in the league this year - at least based on win-loss records in 2019.

We play TOR four times, and also OTT twice. WPG and CAL only once each. No road trips to BC and CAL. Five of our final seven games at home. Only one flight required after August (to EDM in late October). And of course, there is the potential for home-field advantage for the entire post-season.

The absence of a pre-season would also seem to favour teams (especially good teams) with a lot of returning players.


Before Ottawa folded for the second time, we would have a home-and-home with Ottawa that started on Thanksgiving; and that gam was -usually- in Ottawa, IIRC.
As a STH, I was well aware of the away schedule, and did some sneaky planning.
You see, at the time I was in a Reserve military unit, and we did not work on long weekends. I planned my wedding so that it was on Thanksgiving weekend (difficult to forget the date that way), since it would -ususlly- be an away game, and my Army buddies could attend our wedding... lol


To those were the days of the CFL at it's best.

Surprised that when the CFL went to a single game playoff format in 1973, they basically screwed themselves out revenues at the gate and have been lagging behind since.

Single game playoff is good when they are more teams in the league (NFL).

A small league like the CFL who rely on gate revenues that was not a wise decision as they never bothered to try to expand the CFL during the 1970s.

Did they expand the league in the 1960s, when they had a multiple-game playoff format?

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No, not at all. They had opportunities to do so.

Based only on this year's schedule, I think Winnipeg may have the best one.
They have only one short week and it's just a day short between back-to-back away and home games vs. SSK, so that's a non issue. They have the full 7 days, between games, 6 times, and 8 days between games, 4 times, in addition to their bye weeks after games 7 and 11. I don't think I've ever seen a team schedule that good for prep and rest time.
The list of their opponents is, somewhat, unusual -- 3 vs. EDM, 2 vs. SSK, CAL, BC, TOR and MTL, and the one against us. They don't play OTT at all.

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What opportunities did they have in the Sixties? I don't recall any, and although I recall the Sixties, I did live through them. :sunglasses:

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All other leagues were able to expand during that time period but the CFL still can't get a 10th team.

Outside of Halifax, the only bid I know of since the 60s was Harold Ballard wanting a 2nd team in Toronto.

Harold Ballard | The Canadian Encyclopedia

The league turned it down and in retrospect, it was a good call!

I heard something about a U.S. expansion in the 1990s. And we've added new teams in Ottawa and Montreal several times.


Apparently owning the Leafs at that time really did wonders for that franchise.

Found it hard to believe he (Ballard) threatened move the Leafs to Hamilton one time.

Yup....he even wanted to have the Leafs move to Edmonton in exchange of the Gretzky era Oilers moving here.....his tenure is far from missed

But it's all about profits isn't it in Leafyland😀

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Ballard also had the moving trucks ready for the Tiger-Cats , in an attempt to get a better deal from city hall .

When it came to sports , Ballard and Trump had a lot in common .

Pat Lynch (prison sentences may become another common denominator)

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Where could he have moved the Ticats to?

The ex had the Argos and Blue Jays at the time.

He was denied an expansion team in Toronto and yet he was able to buy the Ticats.

I'm not sure, but perhaps Varsity Stadium?

It was fun when he painted the TI-cats logo on the ice at Maple leaf gardens .

That would be been interesting.

Could have been the future home of the Argos.

And who could ever forget his legendary half Leaf , half Ti-Cat jacket and the caged tiger in the end zone . :rofl: :tiger:

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