The Schedule is out!

I'm a little disappointed they are not stopping in Edmonton on the first road trip. I was already looking at seats by the visitors bench. Guess I will have to wait until Oct

Well that's unacceptable !!! :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :-1:t3: :-1:t3: :-1:t3: :-1:t3:

Much can change in a month and a half. Hopefully the Federal Gov will be allowing fully vaccinated travelers by then. Tourist money is important to many parts of Canada.


Exactly Grover ! This is the Tiger-Cat site . Our site is the most popular because we are the most knowledgeable fans in the CFL . We're not big on being magnanimous .

Pat Lynch (the aged one)


They seem to use the 21st of the month as the renewal date at the border. I think July 21 might be a date they allow fully vaxed people over. Just guessing. They were talking about Vaccinations Passports for border travel on news radio this afternoon.


This is the Pat Lynch response to me noting that the Ti-Cats will have a rematch with the Argos on Friday September 10th - on 3 days rest!! I did not buy this response, so I decided to do some fact checking ( always a shame, when the facts interfere with truth )

First of all, full disclosure while somewhat comprehensive, my fact-checking is incomplete . . . I only checked the Tiger-Cat schedules between 1972 & 2011. I am not sure what qualifies as "back in the day" for Mr. Lynch.

A collection of facts culled from this 40 year period follows below:

  • the home & home games with the Argos circa Labour Day, only became the tradition, following the 2004 season. Between 2005 & 2011 there were 4 back to back matchups with the Argos in that 7 year period. I think it has become the norm since 2011.
  • During this entire 40 year period, there was only a single instance when the Tiger-Cats were forced to play on the Friday following Labour Day. This occurred in 2009.
    Yes, they travelled to Toronto on 3 days rest that one time.
  • the Toronto Argonauts have become the standard Labour Day opponent since 1987, visiting Hamilton 21 times out of the 25 seasons btwn 1987 & 2011.
  • In 2011, the Tiger-Cats played the Montreal Alouettes back to back. The second game of the home & home series took place on the Sunday following Labour Day.
  • Prior to 1987, the Montreal Concordes/Alouettes were the Labour Day opponent for 5 consecutive years btwn 1982 & 1986.
  • In the 1970's & 1980's the next game on the schedule was always the following Sunday (except 1987 when they had a Bye week. More recently, the following game has always been scheduled for the following Saturday (as the CFL implemented a policy to avoid going head to head with NFL games).
  • During the 1988 CFL season, the Tiger-Cats had an unbelievably punishing stretch where they played 4 games in 16 days around Labour Day. They hosted Ottawa on August 27th, then travelled to Ottawa to play them again on 4 days rest on September 1st, then hosted the Argonauts on Labour Day on 3 days rest !! The 'Cats won all 3 of those games. Then they travelled to Edmonton and lost to the Eskimos on 5 days rest on September 11th. I have no recollection of that, and perhaps this is getting off topic, but I have no idea how the linemen would have survived that killer stretch. Our D-Line would have been Covington, Walker, Skillman & Sauve. The O-Line would have featured Miles Gorrell, Jason Riley, Dale Sanderson, & Ralph Scholz.
    If someone has access to these guys, someone should ask them how they survived that stretch. I wouldn't be too worried about guys like Lance Shields & Less Browne, but even Osbaldiston - how did Ozzie's leg not fall off during that stretch??

Finally, I saved the most shocking fact for the end . . .

  • Does anyone remember 1995 ?? Hamilton did not host a Labour Day game during that season!! This was the one and only season where Hamilton did not host a Labour Day game during this entire 40 year period. This also happened to be the final year of the failed experiment to expand into the USofA. A truly SAD period in CFL history. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats hosted some jokers from Baltimore on the Saturday before Labour Day, and then hosted the Argos on the Saturday following Labour Day. It seems all traditions were thrown out the window during that season. I am glad we got that out of our system !!

Just some facts related to the Tiger-Cat opponents on Labour Day . . .


I guess it depends on which side of the border you find yourself . If you're from Vermont you might sail through . Mississippi , not so much . 2 required vaccinations should get you in but kindly leave your 2nd amendment rights at home .

Pat Lynch ( a huge Tiger-Cat fan )

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Sept 2 / Sept 6 1957 Cats - Argos , 1958 Sept 1 / Sept 5 Cats - Argos ,

Sept 5 / Sept 11 1960 Cats- Argos Do these dates qualify as "back in the day?"
I wasn't aware that history started 40 years ago . My badness .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)


I wonder where I’d get that at - I’m sure it’ll be an app?!?!

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I believe my 2nd amendment rights travel with me everywhere I go :sunglasses::sunglasses:the joys of American citizenship!!!

But don’t worry, as soon as they see my state of residence, that’s always the first question at customs and on the border, guess Americans aren’t the only ones that jump to conclusions and make ASS-U-MUPTIONS - :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Pat, I wasn't around back in those days, & I certainly have no intention of disparaging football back in the 1950's, but it was a different sport back then. Not only did most of the players play both offence & defence, but most of them held down "day jobs" as well. And not only that, but I see that the CFL season began in the last week of August and they managed to squeeze in 14 games into a 12 week schedule. You did not cite these as examples, but I see that it was not uncommon for Hamilton/Toronto to play home & home games with just a single day of rest in between; 2 games in 3 days in the early 1950's. To me that is crazy.

Players would also get knocked out cold and would be administered smelling salts on the sidelines and sent back onto the field to finish the game. Also crazy by today's standards.

This was all standard practice back then. You are correct, it was very common for CFL teams to play on 3 days rest (or less) back in the 1950's. But not anymore. I don't think that it should be happening in the CFL in 2021.

You could have also cited the fact that unless teams are coming off a Bye Week, all NFL teams that play on Thursday nights are playing on 3 days rest, because they play on Sundays. But the NFL is starting to get pushback from the Players' Association on that. The players are citing statistics that show higher frequency of serious injuries on Thursday nights as compared to the remainder of the schedule.

I don't expect Thursday Night Football to disappear from the NFL any time soon, but I think during the next Collective Bargaining negotiations, the Player's Association will insist that only teams coming off a Bye Week can be scheduled to play on Thursday nights, with a possible exception for US Thankgiving. I know that the almightly dollar rules, and in the case of professional football, the conglomerates that own the broadcast rights tend to control these things, but at some point the health of the athletes should be the #1 concern.


This was statement was made today by the federal gov.

Next Monday is the day the current cabinet order restricting land travel to the U.S. needs to be renewed, and Leblanc said the next order may give dates on how a phased reopening could start. He suggested the reopening would not begin right on June 21 itself, but perhaps in the following weeks. “This shouldn’t be a surprise, because we’ve talked about potential measures that could be phased in at some point in July,” Leblanc told reporters on Tuesday. “We may signal in the renewal of these (orders) some modest, phased-in adjustments at the border, but with a date fixed (by cabinet) to take effect. It doesn’t have to take effect on the 21st of June…We’ll have more to say in the coming days around a phased-in approach at the border.”


Thanks - very confusing - I wonder why some people always look for reasons why not, instead of reasons why


Like most things related to politics it doesn't have to make sense just keep your voters happy. If they are looking at opening things up in July you may have a chance of getting to Winnipeg on the 5th Aug. As it stands now I can't even travel from Alberta to Manitoba without having to quarantine for 14 days, but you can travel from Manitoba to Alberta no problem. I get my second dose this Friday so on the 2nd Jul I can travel to Manitoba if I want. :crazy_face:

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I guess I was trying to make sense of why the Argos get two August games and we don't kick off until September 6th. I would love to trade one of our November home games for an August spot , pretty please.

Interesting reads, here, on back-to-back games and Labour Day traditions.
The hardest to believe, they did it, TiCats' schedule tradtions were on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekends. From 1950 lthrough '59 Hamilton and Toronto played in one city on the Saturday and in the other on the holiday Monday. In '60, the first game was played, in Toronto, on the Friday night, allowing the teams three sleeps before meeting again. I don't recall the teams ever playing 2 games in just 3, or even 4 days, again. For the fans, at least, those Thanksgiving weekends were great times.

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Too bad about the evening games in November, but it is Friday night football and they need the TV crowd and Friday night games.
Ticats play at home Nov 5th at 7 PM and a week later Nov 12th in TO at 7:30 PM
This will probably be the first time, other than the GC, that the CFL has played evening games in November.

It isn't the same two teams, but I am sure that the Ticats have played multiple seasons with only 3 sleeps in between games. I looked up (on Wikipedia) the 1972 schedule as I recall they did this on their 2nd and 3rd games of that year:

Again, it wasn't the Cats and blew team, but such things did happen "back in the day". (They did this to save on travel costs, I believe. It was cheaper to put up the team in a No Tell Motel rather than fly them across country twice to play in each city with a reasonable amount of time between games). BTW, those were the only 2 games the Cats played as a visitor that year in the WFC.

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It may not be a bad idea to try that scheduling format (West 16 games, East 14 games).

And the old playoff format of the years past.

But , sadly, those good old days are not coming back.

You're right Mike. I didn't think of those, common, 2-game trips to the west, when the games were played, against different teams, 3 or 4 days apart. Tough trips -- even in that Championship '72 season, the Cats lost both of them.