The Schedule is out!

Interesting. Toronto has two August home games 5 days apart. The Ticat home games are more spread-out then I thought they would be with not many back to backs. Not many Thursday night games, and some Tuesday and Wednesday games for some teams.

For the most part, a great schedule
No late night game in BC and no game in CGY where we have had lots of trouble getting wins

I like it , but we still have a 10PM Saskatchewan game and the usual late Edmonton game to get through, but we can do it!

Also we start with two road games in the west, but then only leave Ontario once post-August (for an Oct 29 trip to Elkland).

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5 out of 7 home games are afternoon starts (6 out or 8 if you count the playoffs!). Most are Saturdays or Monday holidays! I don't remember that every happening in my lifetime. That is great for my family for sure.



No late game? what about Ottawa in Edmonton the first week? 10PM est
and what's with the Wednesday night game in Ottawa followed by another game in Ottawa Tuesday night?

I was just selfishly talking about the Ticats not playing their usual late game in Vancouver that would start at 11:00PM EST
I want OTT, TOR and MTL to have brutal schedules! :rofl: :tiger: :football:


I have no doubt the CFL staff responsible for designing the schedules were faced with extra challenges this year . . . but there are 2 "quirks" in the Tiger-Cat schedule that I don't like at all . . .

  1. On Friday September 10th, the 'Cats have a rematch with the Argos at BMO Field, just 4 days after the Labour Day game. This means the players will only have 3 days to recover. This is not enough for professional football. I recognize it will be the same for both teams, I just think all of the players will be more susceptible to injuries for that rematch game. I am surprised the Players' Association allows this. Why not play on the Saturday and get an extra day of rest??

  2. And then 2 games later, the Ti-Cats travel to Ottawa to play a game on a Wednesday (??) on only 4 days of rest. That is going to be a very tough stretch for the Cats' players. And I have not checked to see how much rest the Ottawa players will have before that game . . .

In both cases the schedule seems far too compressed. But the payback is extended rest between games following that game in Ottawa. Hopefully they get through that stretch without significant injuries.
I am sure the Schedule designers did the best they could under the circumstances.

I do see a couple of 10:30 PM games from BC, but not the Ticats.
Hamilton at Toronto a night game in November, not good
Same with BC at Hamilton 7PM on Nov 5th

Shouldn't complain at least we have football back. But too bad there are evening games in late Oct and Nov

I wonder if season ticket numbers and expected attendance had anything to do with what Eastern teams got August games? Ottawa and Hamilton have the most season ticket holders and fans and reduced capacity would hurt those teams the most in August. For Toronto 50% capacity would be in line with their season average in 2019. No disrespect, just the facts. It's the only way I can explain Toronto's two August home games, unless there was an MLS conflict.
Edit: I just noticed Ottawa has an August home game.

Opening day on Labour Day for the traditional Classic against the Argos. Doesn’t get a whole lot better, eh!


That is exactly the way the Labour Day home/ away was played back in the day .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

The 2 tough spots on the Cats' schedule are playing in Ottawa, in September, just 5 days after hosting Calgary (which justdewey pointed out a few posts ahead of me) and playing in Edmonton, at the end of October, 6 days after hosting Ottawa. Also adding to the disadvantages, our team will face on those 2 road trips, is the fact that both the RBs and the Elks will be coming off bye weeks.
Otherwise, I see the schedule as OK but certainly unbalanced -- playing TOR 4 times, OTT, MTL & SSK twice each, and the other western teams once.

The Thanksgiving Day Doubleheader is back!

I'm glad to see the Als hosting one game.

I will reactivate my ESPN+ subscription for this season.

Active covid cases are worse in Alberta/Sask and Manitoba than they are in Ontario.

Can I go to Winnipeg on August 5th from the USA?

As it stands now you would have to quarantine for 14 days. So I guess it depends on how much free time you have. They may be updating travel restrictions for fully vaccinated people, so check closer to the date.