The Sasktel Maxtron

We finally get a "big screen" and we run it like morons. A "big screen" is used to pump up the crowd with past football clips, quality tunes on the speaker system and picking out hotties and enetertainment in the crowd. Watching some cougar from Weyburn give two geezers from Tisdale a phone from Zellers sucks. They didn't even show the robokick. How about we buy them an IPOD so they can ply some decent tunes. They've been playing they same 45's they bought from Woolco for 25 years now. Maybe Access Communications can build a new one so we can get some dubbed cassette tapes?

I'm fine with how they use the big screen. I do not want it to be used how some other stadiums use it, to tell the fans when to cheer. I think it is degrading to the football experience. A fan should know when to and when not to cheer already. And if he/she doesn't they can just go along with the crowd. Having an announcer or a big creen tell you to cheer for the defence is pathetic in my opinion.

Taylor Field is an experience I'll give you that. We'll just shut off the power and enjoy watching the game 1920s style. You're opinion must really be popular , since alot of stadiums seem to be using music and video to make "the experience" more engaging. Roll down to the Milky Way in you're Cavalier and grab a vanilla shake. Is Gainer pathetic with those fence signs? Just another sign of how far behind the Riders are in another aspect of buisness.

haha. So becuase other stadiums do it we should?? I have been to these other stadiums, and I think its disgusting that 1/2 of the fans would not know when to cheer for their team if the announcer didn't tell them. Call me a traditionalist, but shouldn't you know that when your team is on offence that you should not be making noise, and that you should not have to be told by the big screen "quiet QB at work."
Mascots and Cheerleaders are what thats for. I'm fine with the screen showing awesome highlights and playing music, but telling pople when and how to cheer is disgusting and does not belong in any stadium.

I agree that they can show more video up there and less of Sherri Trapp. But like Billy is stating the last thing I want to see up there is ‘make some noise’ or cheer or announcers trying to get fans pumped up. The game is suppose to do that. And Billy is right fans should know when and when not to cheer for their team. One of my peeves about certain fans is when they cheer when the offence is in the huddle or on the line, I’ve told may fans to be quiet and sit down. My other peeve is when certain fans don’t understand how the playclock works. When your team is winning in the fourth quarter the offence runs the clock down to one second before snapping the ball. I hate hearing the ‘snap the ball’ comments when the playclock is at 10 seconds and we’re winning in the fourth.

Man you guys are dense. Did you even read what I wrote....or are you from the Jaw? The 6 clips we have suck We should have a quiet QB at work sign, maybe our duds would deliver something. Traditionalist usually means living in the past, like most Rider fans. Hey buddy is Cheers on after Nightcourt tonight? Grab a helmet and get with the program. Oh you are a losing one.

A quiet QB at work sign? Do you not know that you should not cheer when the offence is on the field? Personally, I don't need a sign telling me when to cheer and when not to cheer, I'm quite a bit smarter than that. Should we then have applause signs after the Riders score a TD?

We could run them for a decade on a aaa battery!

Don't get me wrong I love the video board but I like it because I can see replays on it, to figure out what happened on certain plays, ie. fumbles, interceptions, penalties, non-penalty calls. I just don't need to be told when and how to cheer.

What do you mean by your aaa battery comment?

The applause signs after a TD.

a-hahahaha..... :roll:

oh ok, that's pretty funny.

Cute comment about the battery TumblerDumb, but do you think that you would actually need instruction to know to cheer after a touchdown (given the lack of frequency of them, you forget that the touchdown was what you had been waiting for all that time ?).

Now that you have brought the topic up, have you alerted the TV networks that you (and you think other fans as well) need these cues ?

The networks have been broadcasting for years (both CFL and NFL) and have not included closed captioning for the mentally impaired - such as "that was a touchdown, if you are cheering for X team, that was a good thing, you should cheer now - and even high-five the other "special" kids in your class"

I think you were attempting to roast me but the wording was so poor and awkward I'm not sure. Shouldn't someone with your ability to grasp the obvious and mangle the english language have a job with The Leader Post? Let me guess, you wrote the column on wearing a jacket during winter?

......actually, this is pretty funny stuff, please keep it going while I make popcorn.....

I think we should be happy that we have the Jumbotron now. It wasnt that long ago when beer wasnt allowed to be sold at Taylor Field, but Molson could put up a large beer can to advertise their product! Instead of debating what is or what is not on the Jumbotron, lets be happy that it is there.

forget the big screen bring out the rabbit to every game. that was way more entertainment value for most fans than the Jumbotron.

in fact we should have a different animal every game! That way you can have a pool with your buddies. I can just see it now....

Biff: "O.K. boys put yer money down for tonight's game...I'm taking sheep!"
Todd: "put my five bucks on a stray cat!"
Howard: "umm... a cougar?"
Biff: "you can't pick cougars Howie, there's already a million of 'em at Taylor field.."
Howard: "uhh. Oh yeah. Ummm OK a cow"
Ricky: " 5 bucks on a moose!!"

...and so forth...

maybe I should pitch this to whoever runs the promotions at Taylor field...

I heart Biff

I am with roughyfan on this one, I love that thing, for the replays of fumbles and stuff, its was always a pet peeve of mine that I would have to wait to see all the droped passes and fumbles and such that are hard to see all the details when I am in the stands, cudos for the Riders bringing that thing in last year, and finnaly dealing with some upgrades to Taylor Feild like the washrooms and next year new turf again. I mean the stuff that we had beofore the turf that is on the ground now was how old? I mean I remember being out on the Field getting an autograph from Kent Austin on that turf and then Playing football in High School on that turf 10 years after that.

The programmming on the tron improved over the season as the production team got used to the system. I suspect you will see a lot more this year.

As for music, that always seems a challenge as there is such a diverse audience in the stadium.

You get lots of people wanting more ACDC others that want more current stuff.

With the improved sound system I am just glad I can actually hear the announcements and recognize the tunes rather than hear alot of buzzing noise.

The last couple of years have seen significant improvements in TF and I believe we will see more over the next couple of years.