The "Saskatchewan Roughriders" of MLB?

MLB cancels 65 million votes for the All-Star Game

The league is canceling between 60 and 65 million votes for the All-Star Game, fearing fraud. This is a practice that happens annually, as the league tries to cancel out votes that go over the limit. These votes do not count to the main total.

The concerns about fraud are especially high this year because Kansas City fans have voted nearly the entire Royals starting lineup in the All-Star Game. Royals fans say they just organized and mobilized well, and there is no chicanery involved.

Apparently some leagues don't think it's cool when one team wins every fan vote.

They do indeed seem like the Riders of MLB. I wonder if they have an "uncle nic" in their fan base also?

If u don't want one team to secure the fan ballots then get off ur butt, stop whining and vote. Tell ur friends 2 do the same...all 3 of them :slight_smile:

Problem is, some of us have other things to do in our lives

I agree with dariderfan. Stop hating on a fan base just because there is more of them, and care enough about their players to mobilize.

Then stop doing things to make people hate your fan base - it's pretty simple.

Also, it doesn't matter how big the Rider fan base is, because the rest of the fans of the others teams combine to a lot more people, and that much larger group of people have really had enough of Rider fan arrogance.

Rider fans are the one's that treat the other teams in the CFL with disdain, so it's only natural that the rest of the league will hate them in return.

I was talking about the Kansas City Royals. That's who the thread is about. I don't know why you have to take personal shots at me and my team. :? :lol: :roll:

The thread is about the comparison between the two fan bases, and this being a football board, that is obviously the focus.

Make a choice- vote or zip it. cant have it both ways!


So is Canada then the Rough Riders of the NBA?
After all we had the Prime minister tweeting out to tell us to vote Lowry into their All Star Game earlier in the year. :oops: :oops:

These things happen all the time. There have been examples of players being voted onto starting all star rosters when they have been on the injury list all year. Or Jeremy Linn getting so many votes from China he goes onto the list after something like 20 games in the league.
And let's not even start with block voting in politics.


I'm no Rider fan, but I think fans of other teams should applaud and emulate what Rider Nation does rather than resort to whining and insulting.

And if some decision has to be made that shouldn't be influenced by fan voting, then the league shouldn't (and doesn't) leave it to fan voting. All-star line-ups are not important.

So true. There are way too many of these threads started on this particular topic, or it's referred to in other threads. Some people seem to have an issue with democracy I guess.

Or only when it is not in their favour.

You have never lived there I can see. Have some of these hillbilly "fans" drunk and swearing at you as they drive past or try to spit on you as you walk home for lunch just for wearing a small non rider shirt. Pathetic. To be fair this not represented of all their fan base, but they seem to have a higher proportion of the annoying A-holes than other teams and seeing green in Alberta in the off season, it's gets old fast.

Oh boy ... I really did intend this thread as a good natured barb targeted at rival fans. I guess there's too much hostility out there for any discussion to remain on the high road for more than a few milliseconds.

With comments like that I can see why certain people would want to spit at you. Not saying it's right but certainly doesn't sound like you are innocent by any means.

Higher in terms of raw numbers is more than likely but hardly a "higher proportion".

Here is a newsflash for you, if you wear a Rider jersey pretty much in any other CFL league city, you will encounter the same thing and it isn't only isolated to the CFL. Wear a Flames jersey in Vancouver and see the same thing.

All I see here in this thread are a bunch of people that are envious of the support that the Riders get from their vast fanbase. Oh how the poor large market teams getting bullied by the team with the smallest market fans. It's not our fault that our market takes pride in our team and doesn't snub the CFL as a second class league.

Let's be honest here, how many times have you seen Regina/Sask being bashed by outsiders claiming "Oh it's because there is nothing else to do" or "Regina/Sask is a hole" or being referred to as "inbreds".

Be wary of the pedestal you put your like minds on, it's a long way down.

Democracy is one person one vote. You have no idea if each vote is by a different person, so it is not exactly democratic. That said, they're online polls, so who really cares?