The Saskatchewan Roughriders have released LB Greg Jones

I don't get this one. With Jeff Knox Jr gone and if I recall, I could be wrong. Another LB also gone that played last season... why let GJ go?? Guess Jones doesn't want good players here... or maybe he wanted a raise!! Well on the bright side, when we miss play-offs again, Jones ass will be fired!! They can send Reynolds with him!! :?

This makes total sense and the only thing surprising is that it took this long...perhaps they tried working him in a package for a trade or perhaps they just held onto him to ensure things stuck together approaching the season.

Muamba > Jones with any passport. Jones was an improvement at MLB last season, but he was a little slow on his feet and it showed in the running game. Part of the issue was the DTs ahead of him, but his issues were still there. I am not saying he is a bad LB, but ask yourself what team would ditch what they have now for guess is none, but he has a good chance of being picked up on a lower contract as solid depth if he chooses. He was obviously nowhere close to fast enough to compete for Foster's spot....and as he was on the slower side for MLB there really is no chance he was going to compete for Knox's spot with Sam E.

I don't know what he was making but it would have been far from base...that is an expensive backup who can only play one spot and is a flipping of passports when he does. The part that frustrates me is that they let Korey Jones walk and he could play multiple LB spots in a pinch and was economical and solid on teams...I think they misplayed that one a bit.

I would expect to see a new name out of minis at LB....they re light...

This was entirely the right move to make...bring in youth behind Muamba...not sure how someone could really think otherwise TBH....other that being fixated on 'Chris Jones bad!!' stompstomp

" 'Chris Jones bad!!' stompstomp"

OK. That is pretty funny. :smiley: