The Same Quarterbacks???

:cowboy: [b]I don't get it![/b] So we've just signed the same two lead quarterbacks, when we've had two seasons of underachievement in that department. Neither has shown enough consistency and decision-making savvy to convince me that they are really starting quarterback material and able to take us anywhere in the playoffs. I hope that this upcoming training camp has Jackson, Pierce, Champion, Printers (picked up for next to nothing) and whatever young scramblers they can pick up out of the U.S. college scene in a dogfight for the top two jobs. Simply being satisfied with "more of the same" doesn't excite this fan!

Well what do you suggest? Its all well and good to bitch about something but unless you have a better idea, complaining doesn't help. I doubt any of the other teams with top notch QBs are about to give them up.

Not sure what team you were watching…Canucks maybe? :roll: :roll: :roll:

Pierce did a good job while he was healthy.

Ummm, re-read his post; he DID make a suggestion of what he thinks is a better idea.

Actually Madjack, I would argue thats its a bad idea! (Printers) :lol: :lol:

Printers... you gotta be crazy!!! He is cancer.... He distracts teams with his attittude so what now he is looking around because he knows his stats show Casey is not the person he was in 2004... what did Wally say...' one season does not make a QB'... guess it is true.

I agree with Leofan Casey is more about money and fame then teamwork and a championship
now i am personally confused and frustrated with the whole quarterback situation

Buck pierce to me seems like a good choice to be the starter, more reliable then Jackson in my opinion but now Jarious just got a contract extension so maybe they're looking at him to take the reigns.

Right now i think its Jarious' job to lose and he will lose it in training camp to Buck Pierce.

nope... it's Buck's job to lose... Wally has already named Buck the starter...

JJ signing an extension is just to keep him here.. not make him #1... although he might end up taking the #1 spot away from Buck depending on how things go.. but i personally doubt it