The saga of 2018

The problems with this team & organization are obvious and there’s really no quick fix unless ownership:

  • Considers selling the team
  • Commit to their errors and hire the right persons. In my opinion the only person with the chutzpah for this project is Jim Barker…but that’s a stretch.

So that being said here’s what I see that wrong from top to bottom.

[ol]- Patrick Boivin has go to relize this is football (not hockey) & market ii as such

  • Kavis Reed lacked the experience for such a position
  • Coach Sherman should never have been hired & put in this situation
  • Mack & Lande are these two trying to find players
  • Football Ops what’s there to say there’s none
  • OC & DC - say no more pls
  • If give up have theam to get JM & don’t surround him with better players
  • Football facility at Molson stadium are second rate - They’re better facilities at High schools in Quebec[/ol]

Being an Al’s fan for forty plus years I’ve seen bith the highs and lows but never anything like this incompitance.


The 15 years the franchise was successful, all the profits were pocketed… This team is over 20 years old and it doesn’t even have its own practice facility, offices or anything. The equity of this company fits in a cube van.

Very sad.

I thought they improved this year at Olympic Stadium facilities .

Never been there to see for myself but I thought they finally have a place where they change there and don’t go on buses with equipment on etc … . Can practice indoors if available .

Not saying they can’t be better but I felt this was an improvement over other years .

I would say stagnation occurs from the older private owners next to the community teams . The community teams in this league Winnipeg , Saskatchewan and Edmonton have the best facilities .

Anyone know if the Argos practice facility ever come to fruition with billionaire MLSE ?

Looks like they practice behind a hockey arena near the downs view airport 79 carl hard rd .

Well look at Winnipeg, The Bombers have not paid 1 percent of that stadium and the province is already writing off the loan with Tax payers on the hook for a quarter billion dollars. Private teams have to pay 100 percent of their contractual obligations, not 99 but 100.

This mixed of community owned teams and private teams, while it has provided stability for the league, also hampered private investment in the league.