The sadest day in alouette history

This was attrocious the defence imploded in the 4th they tried to run the ball too much when the game still had a lot of time left in it. And I WANT KERRY WATKINS OFF THE ROSTER!! the guys is horrible he can not hang onto any pass. Cavil will be replacing him put a competetnt receiver in his place and the als won. What in the name of football happened to the defence! they just ogt interference after interference in the 4th. I hope matthews blasts them we better play a lot stronger against the eskies. The offense except watkins was strong though my god that defence was terrible matthews will be furious

Well Mada7...
I can feel where your coming from. It was a terrible 2nd half. We should of put it waywith 58 seconds left on 3rd and Inches with a simple Run by Robert Edwars. Did you see the aggressiveness of this guy, he could of easily got that yard, and we would of won it from there. Kerry Watkins did have an off night, but I still want him around, he'll help us furthermore in the season.

Hopefully, the Als look at this game and take it for example. That in the CFL, no matter what the score is, you have to keep playing and give it your all. Montreal seemed to have finished at halftime. Now this should be a wakeup call to play a full 60 minute game.

It seems like in the 4th quarter the offense was too predictible. It may just be me but it seems that in the 4th quarter all they did was try a run on first down and then Watkins would drop a pass on 2nd down.

HA HA HA HA HA....Al's suck. The "Don" get exactly what he deserved.

I disagree with the first part of your statement, but i absolutly agree with the second part. Don do yourself and the Al's a favor, resigb, and make dumb bumper music for websites. I wouldn't let you coach my sons peewee pop warner team nevermind a professional team.

You guys do realize you are talking about the winningest coach by far in CFL history.

Sadest day in Als history....

Gimme a break! You got beat by a hungrier team. And if it's the saddest day, get used to it! You're not going to dominate the east as you have the last decade.

Ottawa is a team that's pretty loaded in key positions and they are also a team that does not get any respect. That equated in a team that want to prove to its fans that it can play vs elite team.

Don't forget that they got embarrased in Edmonton last week.

Montreal only play 2 quarters of that game... Meanwhile Ottawa played 2.3 quarters.

Your Offence sputtered in the 2ns half to a very physical Ottawa D.

Face the facts, the eastern division power teams are starting to change face...

Exactly. And it also helped the Ottawa D that they weren't on the field as much as they were in Edmonton.

In recent seasons, I noticed the Als come out stronger against the stronger teams, and perform terrible against the weaker teams. The Als will still be in first place in the East, and they will put up a fight against Edmonton Friday Night.

Als don't suck...Wait until your Renegades come to Molson Stadium. I promise it won't be the same story.

2 games down, 16 more to come. So don't count any teams out JUST yet, especially a team like the Als.

Not saying the Als suck and certainly not saying Ottawa is gonna be on top in the East… Just saying that you and Toronto don’t think Ottawa has a chance at much of anything.

If Ottawa gets something going this year, it’s gonna make the east more interesting because watching MTL win everything is a tired idea…

Your justification for playing strong teams strong… and playing soft teams soft… FACE it you just got beat by a team that came off a bad loss in Edmonton… Ottawa was hungrier then you. end of story…

I am not saying that you are wrong but, If they were so hungry why did they put themselves into a 23 point hole in the first place?

Montreal fell asleep thats all there is to it. Actually this might be a blessing because The last 3 or 4 years they have started on a boom and tookit easy in the last few games including the playoffs. Maybe this will keep the on there toes all season long.
Here's hoping anyways.

My Gades were awful in the first half! I was impressed with the Al's offence at that point and honestly did not think the Gades had a chance until there was 5 minutes left in the game. I really thought that the Al's would go for the jugular but they never did. Thank goodness for us! IMHO this was a wake up call for the Al's. Look out!


The TSN turning point was the last couple plays in the 2nd quarter, it's when Joseph finally got something going... And of course the 2nd half was Ottawa getting more and more confidence...

My turning point was at the end of the 3rd quarter, when O. Wilson drop an easy TD catch in the endzone(between the hands into the helmet ! :shock: ). That would have breack the Gads, but insteads they start to score after that...

My turning point is when Kerry Watkins fumbled the ball on first down. Ottawa had momentum and when they scored they really had it then.

Also, when on 3rd Down and 1 yard to go, Calvillo went into Shotgun with 58 seconds remaining. I think if Calvillo handed the ball off to either Edwards, Lapointe or Villimek, they would of gotten the first down, and then it would be game over for the Renegades.

But we learn from our mistakes, and like I said, hopefully the Als now realize why its important to play 60 minutes of football instead of 30. Losing to a team like Ottawa will really open their eyes. Hopefully. But Im sure the Don will have Montreal come out the gate against Edmonton, and hopefully keep the O on the field longer than the Defence. And we come out 2-1 with a nice victory over a strong Edmonton Eskimos team.

One things for sure The Don won't be pretty this week....

And Edmonton will be licking their chops this week cause they took Ottawa to school last week and now Ottawa pushed the Als around...

Good luck Al fans...
We Gades are looking to BC this week.... could be a tough one for us...

I wouldn't really say the the Gades pushed the Als around.

Yeah thanks for the luck. Good luck to your Gades cause they'll need it more than our Alouettes against the Esks :smiley:


you know what
I ratter see them lose a game or two now and finish strong at the end of the season and win the grey cup
last year was the best exemple strong start very weak finish

The Als are favored by 3.5 points should i take the Als?