The Saddest Thing about This Year

The saddest thing for me about the Lions this season is that stats wise they have one of the best records for fewest points scored against this year which says they have one of the best defenses in the league. If only they were not having offensive line problems they would be miles ahead of the pack. I just hope the psychological thing doesn’t kick in where they begin to lose faith in themselves. It’s still not too late to pull this one out and finish with a respectable season.

don't worry - be happy. this will be our first game with our #1 QB hopefully available for the whole game. Travis Lulay is game but a rookie learning the hard way and Jarious Jackson was'nt 100% either.Maybe a little bit of Yanis Davis will be interresting too. Throw in that CFL leading Defense and maybe we'll win one for the Gipper. It could happen.
Hold the Pin til after Friday.

It's going to be the loudest crowd of the season this Friday. The PNE is in full swing, and everyone will be pumped. We will all suck it up and cheer them on regardless. Imagine: not just beating Calgary, but spankin' them! Miracles can happen.

hey hey hey calgary has the leagues best defense lets be honest hear

Calgary blows dude. we're gonna have a little Burris BBQ if you know what I mean.
Nothing can be a cool hand.

lets see, leagues worst offence against leagues best defense. oooh, this is a tough one.

we shall fight on the 5 yard line,
we shall fight on the 1 yard line, we shall never surrender,
and if the Lion Empire lasts 1000 years they shall say this was their finest hour.