The Sad Reality of the Alouettes Situation

Naylor sums up the situation very succinctly:

Football is a young man’s game, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the Montreal Alouettes right now.
The Als are not only riding a five-game losing streak, during which they’ve been outscored 174-70 and recently fired their head coach in midseason for the fourth time in five seasons, they’ve also got the oldest roster in the CFL.

And it’s not close.

Montreal has 21 players on its current 46-man roster age 30 or older, which is roughly double the CFL average. Five current Alouettes are at least 35.

So not only are the Alouettes in need of new head coach for next season, they’re going to need a slew of new, younger players as well.

All of which presents an enormous challenge to rookie general manager (and now interim head coach) Kavis Reed, who took over last season after more than 20 years of stewardship from former GM Jim Popp.

Assembling such a veteran roster for this season was a curious approach for a new GM, coming off a season in which Montreal missed the playoffs for the second consecutive season – the first time that had occurred since the Als returned to the CFL in 1996. Hiring a new GM ordinarily buys time for a team to go younger, exercise patience, and put up with mistakes in the name of being better in the long term.

The Als seemed to go the opposite direction, chasing the playoffs with a veteran team and trying to bridge to the future on the fly. It hasn’t worked.

Of course, trying to understand anything that happens in Montreal should always include the consideration of ownership, where Bob Wetenhall and son Andrew wield more influence on the operation of their team than anywhere else in the CFL.

Did the Wetenhalls tie the hands of their new general manager by insisting the Als be competitive this season? The fact Montreal fired Jacques Chapdelaine barely a week after Labour Day certainly suggests that patience remains at a premium for the Als.

Consider this quote from Reed in the Montreal Gazette back in May, on the eve of training camp: “I’m … realistic that this process has to be expedited to make certain we’re successful right away,? Reed said at the time.

With this season quickly looking like a lost cause, the biggest decision ownership needs to address is whether Reed, who had solely been a coach in the CFL before this season, is up to the task of hiring the team’s next head coach and overhauling a roster that’s become ancient by pro football standards.

What the Als need is a rebuild, one that will require some pain and a step or two backward before things get better. Getting ownership to accept that reality may be Reed’s biggest challenge.

Reed got the job because he accepted the Wetenhall's "quick fix" plan.

Most likely, Sunderland did not get the job because he wanted to do things properly and rebuild.

If I am not mistaken after Danny M was interviewed, he said that he was looking for more control than what the Wettenhals were willing to allow.
What exactly "more control" means guess that is open for interpretation.

All these lovely people deserve each other

But us fans deserve better! >:(

I looked at Kavis Reed's hiring as GM with some dread. He was pretty poor with the Eskimos and now he has become HC I am even more alarmed. Last weeks game was embarrassing. Kavis cannot coach and obviously has assembled a team too old and slow to compete. Whats even more idiotic is he got rid of arguably his best 2 veterans in Woods and Green before the season started. Its really troubling that guy with a pretty poor track record gets handed another job . Whatever happened to people deserving it? At least Danny Maciocha won a grey cup. What has Kavis won as a HC? Nothing? So basically he cannot do either job!! Not a rosey future for this team.

Furthermore, the reality is that the majority of sports talk this week has been the Canadiens three pre season games and the Impact pulling off a win in TO to keep their slim playoff hopes alive.

For 4-5 seasons, Alouettes fans have witnessed terrible, uninteresting football, with occasional flashes of mediocrity.

The short term tactic of bringing in other teams vets, fills a few seats .. but that wears thin quickly. And the losing goes on ....

New ownership with deep pockets, and patience to endure a total overhaul is the only way to keep this afloat. Fans will come back in larger numbers when the new owners deliver an energized organization and a competitive product.

When the Als were stepping up to offer Durant the big $ that he demanded from Jones - a quick fix bandaid is what many thought. Sell some tix in the offseason to put more bums in the seats and engage the fanbase with hopes for 2017 and a mature GC winning QB at the helm. Obviously ownership and management is trying to salvage something, but was going about it entirely the wrong way. Questionable GM and now coaches etc etc.

All I know is if the fans don't support the club thru the tough times - and heaven forbid the team folds - the regret from the fans who have now lost their club - will be much greater than the satisfaction of not paying for season tix the next season. I hope this fact is layered through thought processes moving forward. The league needs the Alouettes, hoping Montreal fans see it the same way.

Easy to say. A community owned team... When they skrew up they take 1.5, 1.7 million fire everyone and go grab an entire coaching staff. When the 80 something year old bored owner of the Als skrews up. He fires everyone and then makes everyone else do extra work.

The mismanagement of this team has been going on for over 10 years now. It was masked by the Trestman hire and his turnaround of Calvillo. I'll give you a list of the highlights.

-Cavalier firing of Larry Smith
-Hiring of Prince
-Losing the practice field due to to lack of connections
-Firing of Lalonde
-Allowing Jim Popp to work from NC
-Hiring of Tom Higgins
-Stalling the hires of Jim Popp and selecting Hawkins
-Hiring of Kavis Reed
-Allowing his NY banker son to run the team.

For six years now, it has been mistake on top of mistake. The fans are done with this owner and they are abandonning the team in droves. Don't let all the free tickets handed out for last week's game fool anyone. For seven years now you could do a graph of the team's record and its straight down. Every mistake compounding the previous. Now this team is old, it has no youth coming up, no young promising quarterbacks. It is DIRE.

Ambrosie needs to get the other governers to convince Wetenhall to sell this team. the survival of the CFL depends on it and they don't have much longer. 18 months AT THE MOST.

How did Dan Hawkins NOT make the list ? ?

You need to read it again :slight_smile:

Sad reality is that the once 0 for Cats are now 3-9 tied with the Als, beating the Lions in BC. (something the Als rarely seem to do on their annual trip there).

Have won 3 of their 4 games since the change in HC and QB.

Look on the bright side. The Als will get the first pick in next year's draft...

And somehow still manage to bumble that one up.

Maybe Reed can get Marv Levy along with Dave Ritchie to come back next season.

The weird thing about the hate on for Higgins is he was 9-9 then next season if I remember correctlyhe was fired after a win in BC which is unheard of. He had turned the team over to Cato and was making moves to make the team younger. Wasn't flashy enough I guess. Was that in 2015?

He was canned for taking a big public dump on John Bowman of all players. He was fired for being a gigantic Azzhole.

1st couple picks in the CFL draft are a crapshoot. Wadzilla & Walters got the wool pulled over their eyes by drafting an overweight, under-powered fat kid named Faith Ekakitie cuz they were too scared to draft NFL sure-shots. Actually that's not true - they also burned their 6th overall - taking U of M Bison escapee Geoff Gray, who flunked his tryout in Green Bay but is currently inhaling a practice roster salary in New York.
Winnipeg, Montreal and a couple other teams may as well put the Top 20 guys in a hat and draw them out randomly when its their turn.

Unless he trades the pick :slight_smile: