The S*****Bowl ! _____WARNING: NFL CONTENT : CAUTION______

The Superbowl Comes Again.

Like most other annual events The NFL's Superbowl is back. . . . same time . . . year later . . . new teams.

I look forward to playoffs and championship games as much as anybody else. I feel the only true bad thing about The Superbowl is that it marks the end of a season.

No more games. No more teams. No more football.

Every year, about this time, I tell myself . . . This year, me and Arena Football League on NBC will get to know each other. But it never works out that way (THIS YEAR IT WILL). Oh well.

Some Canadians I know will not stand (or even sit) for the NFL's season ender. For one reason or another, The Superbowl, just doesn't stand up to the legend that precedes it. Debateable, but at this point in the rambling, irrelevant.

The Superbowl is many things: None, one, or all of which I will indulge with he, she, or them who stares at the words I have written; the words I have not yet finished.

I remember at the beginning of the NFL season, I made a bold prediction of this year's Superbowl match-up. I wrote of a shade of green vs a shade of blue. Imagine my satisfaction when, not one week ago, The Patriots (a shade of blue) are set to face-off against the tenacious Green Bay Packers (a shade of -- well ya' git the idea).

Then, something went wrong! Sudden Death! Favre! Int.! Field Goal range!

Needless to say, a shade of Blue vs a shade of Blue.

Actually! A shade of red, white and blue vs. a shade of red, white and blue. All our favourite colours --x 2-- squaring off in this, the year Old Glory's gets a new Daddy (or mommy)!

How can I argue with that? I cannot.

But that won't stop me from tryi - - -


after the pro bowl there is no more football until the CFL season starts again

but highschool football starts in a few weeks for me so i’ll be fine this time around

and all though i dont like it, there is Arena Football

The AFL is not football... For me football starts in June and ends in February.