The Run Game

I know others on here have had the same thought . . .

Why is Hugh Charles sitting around doing nothing?

Sure use Cates as your lead runner but to have a guy who tore it up in weeks 1&2 be just sitting there is stupid.

I cannot understand this one dimensional running game. Charles needs to be utilized!

Maybe put them both back there and have an option or something.

Charles was too good in the beginning of the season to be doing nothing now!

have you noticed that every problem we talk about relates to the coaching staff?? just a thought

"Tore it up"? Charles average carry per rush is 3.7 yards! When you compare that to Cate's average over the last couple of years of 5.7 yds. I would hardly say he tore it up! His backflips in the endzone are pretty though.

The running game needs to get going or this team is going nowhere. I'm not sure what the problem is - play calling and O-line are a big part of it. I love Wes Cates but has he lost a step?

Wes certainly doesn't look the same so far this year. Another issue is that we always hand the ball off in the shotgun formation. If our O-line is going to continue to be as awful as it is, why not save our backs having to run an extra 5 yards. We looked really predictable on offense against the Leos.

I haven't been paying close attention to this situation. is Charles dressing and not getting touches or just not dressing? I am sure if he isn't dressing it is because of the import/non-import ratio rule.

he has been on the dressed roster but behind stu foord who is #2 on the depth chart

Ya know what? It doesn't matter who is out there getting touches. My point is to share the duty.

Wes Cates, Hugh Charles, Stu Foord, Beaver McGee . . . it does not matter. There needs to be a uniqueness installed into the run game to avoid stalling, stuttering and coming up short.

All our backs are capable, nobody has lost a step but mix it up!

Have two backs behind the QB and let DD call who gets it at the line, or have one pass block while the other sets up for the shovel-screen-dump!

Between our talented backs and talented slots we could have some formations that defences around the CFL might have trouble keeping up with.

cates is an awsome pass blocker he could set up the block on the DD can dump it off to stu or hugh but they would ahve to switch it up and get stu to block and dump to cates