The ruling is in!

Video of Dave Dickenson trying out his new injury-proof uniform:

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I find it comical that you are even comparing these two incidents. George is lucky he didn't lose his job for that.

Hilarious! :slight_smile:

What I did not know a water bottle is so dangerous? Bishop should not be tackling players out of bounds.
Here I will use a rider ecuxe here. When they went into the bench George lost balance and the bottle came out of his hand. How is that good enough for you.
Just maybe we should charge him with attempted murder it is such a big crime. By the way how is Travis?

One happened on the field of play, the other was after the play on the sidelines by an equipment manager. One was a legal hit / play, the other was a poor judge of character by a man involved in football for 30 some years. I really shouldn't have to point out the major difference or how flawed your comparison is.

Travis Moore retired a few years back, why do you ask?

Just wondering why he retired?

I thought perhaps you meant to say Trevis.

I can accept your logic on what happened in Toronto RD05. He is related to the Hanson brothers.

"contact was with his facemask into Dickenson's upper chest, not the helmet."

So tell me genius's, if this is correct, where's the top of the helmet??

Welcome to open season on quarterbacks, enjoy!

CFL won't fine or suspend Riders' Perry
Dickenson and Perry

Canadian Press

7/18/2007 6:04:19 PM

TORONTO (CP) - Saskatchewan Roughriders defensive lineman Fred Perry won't be fined or suspended for a hit he laid on Dave Dickenson that resulted in the B.C. Lions quarterback suffering a concussion, the CFL announced Wednesday.

The Lions sent in videotape of the hit, made during B.C.'s 42-12 win over Saskatchewan Friday.

They contended Perry hit Dickenson with his helmet, which resulted in the Lions quarterback suffering his third concussion in less than two years.

But the CFL has announced that its investigation revealed Perry's point of contact was with his facemask into Dickenson's upper chest, not the helmet.

''After review of the play involving Saskatchewan Roughriders' defensive lineman Fred Perry and B.C. Lions' quarterback Dave Dickenson, it has been concluded that there was no foul on this play,'' director of football operations and development Kevin McDonald said in a statement.

The CFL release explained that if a defender keeps his head up and makes contact with the passer with his facemask, he will not be penalized unless the contact is above the shoulders.

Dickenson is out indefinitely and won't play Thursday night in B.C.'s home game against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Good. Although, in my opinion, the hit was a penalty, it was not dirty. Dont start going crazy and turn this thread into a zoo, we already have a 15 page long one of those...

More importantly, George Hopkins was disciplined by the Stampeders, not the league.

Thats not unheard of. Montreal disciplined Blitz the Mascot when he drew a penalty. Hopkins drew a penalty, and was disciplined for it.

How some of you manage to draw the Riders or the league into this is beyond me.

It is interesting how a number of fans have stated on more then one occasion, they value the opinion of team fans as they don't know as much about playing the game as the players, coaches, commentators and the league, etc. But when the league makes a call that goes against the fan, then they are put into the same category as a team fan.

You may not like the call, that is your opinion. But the league has made its decision. The decision was made by a very good ref. and a former coach and approved by the commish. Get over it accept it. The story is over

Interesting that the league says it wasn't even a penalty and we still have some who want Perry suspended over this.
05, even if it warranted a penalty on the play, it was never even close to being a suspendable infraction.
I am quite pleased with the ruling, as I was afraid the league might try to turn the league into a flag football league.
But apparently, there is still room in the CFL for players like Perry to make good plays and pressure the QB.
Why have this rule? I guess you will need to be more specific as there are lots of rules, but Perry didn't break any of them. (and even if he had gotten a roughing the paser call, last time I checked, a rough play call was a penalty, not a suspendable infraction)

Good hit Fred!!

I wouldn't want to be Fred Perry the next time he plays the Lions.

Why, is Murphy going to punch him in the face again?

Depends if Perry is up to his usual dirty antics. I can trust in BC not only to get back at Perry legally, but also improve on our 30 point victory from the last game. Let’s make it 50 this time boys!

Or is Jiminez going to actually throw a block?

I have to hand it to Riders fans. Lose two Western Finals in a row to the Lions, get blasted by 30 points at home by a third string QB, and you still take shots at us. If I were in your position I'm not sure I could come up with this type of material.

Walmart has them for $19.99. Wally was shopping there yesterday! :wink:

Yeah, cause throwing those legal hits on Dickenson is dirty.