The ruling is in!

Saskatchewan Roughriders defensive lineman Fred Perry won't be fined or suspended for a hit he laid on Dave Dickenson that resulted in the B.C. Lions quarterback suffering a concussion, the CFL announced Wednesday. The Lions sent in videotape of the hit, made during B.C.'s 42-12 win over Saskatchewan Friday. They contended Perry hit Dickenson with his helmet.

The Lions sent in videotape of the hit, made during B.C.'s 42-12 win over Saskatchewan Friday.

They contended Perry hit Dickenson with his helmet, which resulted in the Lions quarterback suffering his third concussion in less than two years.

But the CFL has announced that its investigation revealed Perry's point of contact was with his facemask into Dickenson's upper chest, not the helmet.

''After review of the play involving Saskatchewan Roughriders' defensive lineman Fred Perry and B.C. Lions' quarterback Dave Dickenson, it has been concluded that there was no foul on this play,'' director of football operations and development Kevin McDonald said in a statement.

The CFL release explained that if a defender keeps his head up and makes contact with the passer with his facemask, he will not be penalized unless the contact is above the shoulders.

Dickenson is out indefinitely and won't play Thursday night in B.C.'s home game against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

good to hear. i don't believe it was a cheap shot. he contacted dickenson in good time while he was throwing the ball, and the helmet was low dickenson. its just he previous concussion don;t help him out when it comes to hits. and if u ask me the damage was done when he hit the turf

Okay, I'll be first to admit that I was wrong.

At least this debate was better than expansion threads to Timbuktu.

I agree with you there.

Well I will admit I was wrong as well. Did not think it dirty, but did think it was a penalty.

Now will those asking for Perry's head or those that attacked those fans that defended Perry admit their mistake?

Well that's good to hear.I new it wasn't dirty.Good thing the CFL had the same opinion as I did.

Still disagree with the ruling. I knew the CFL would rule this way which makes the refs look better for not throwing a flag on the play.

It makes you wonder if certain Rider fans made the decision on behalf of the CFL.

Like you I beleive it warranted a penalty. The CFL has made the ruling so we will live with it. I think it is a mistake but the ruling is what they found. Again why have this rule.

Which begs the question why was Scott Shultz fined for his hit on Spergon Wynn and Terrel Jurineak suspended for his hit on Crouch last year? Neither were a flag on the field. Under your theory the CFL wouldn't have handed those out because it undermines the officials.

I think the right call was made here. I still think it could have been a borderline roughing the passer if we stick to the actual new rules, but in no way should that hit have warranted a fine or suspension.

Let's see if this is now the standard for the rest of the year.

I find it comical when Geroge Hokins got discplined and Perry got nothing. Throwing a water bottle at a player to his helment and one using his helmet to hit the QB. Bishop was not injured from Hoppys stupid action and Perry well we know what he did.

Ones a football play, the others not.

Wow piggy no kidding! You are so (sarcasm) smart.

redwhite there’s no use. I know my team can handle playing Buck for a few games here and there. Just wait until it happens to their own teams and we’ll see who does the crying then.

RLR I can not wait. It is only a matter of time. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Cam Wake, Brent Johnson, Aaron Hunt and Javy Glatt are coming for ya!

Hey CryPussyCatCry, you would have been the first to say to all the Rider fans who defended the decision and to admit they are wrong. But I guess you are not good enough for that. Not only did the league say it was a bad hit, they don't even call into question the officials on the play.

I guess that would be to much to expect an acceptance from you.

By the rules the CFL said it was a clean hit. He had his head up and the primary point was Dickenson's upper chest. So according to the rules that is not illegal.

I'm sure if the scenario happens again where a player throws a legal hit where someone gets hurt the CFL will not fine or suspend that player.

I cant believe that some of you cannot admit that you were wrong.